We desperately need a replacement for "lol". Amirite?

Pfft, i never used "lol" to begin with. When i find something funny on the internet, i say "my dear friend, your humorous tale is most delightful" and then they don't talk to me anymore.

Guys: Putting in a tampon is really difficult, amirite?

Play table tennis. Bitches love table tennis.

Chris Hansen should help Rebecca Black's confusion and tell her to have a seat over there, amirite?
@Device and don't forget that sundays comes afterwards. BUT WHAT COMES AFTER SUNDAY?

How could i forget sunday? It must be thursday again, there is no other explaination.

Little girls should have barbies, not make up. amirite?

But then they wouldn't be as sexy

if Godzilla had a son his name would be Jesuszilla. amirite?

I can't think of a smart comment to make, so i'm just say pancakes and leave. Pancakes.

It's awkward when you're trying to figure out what to say when your bro actually tells a cool story.. amirite?
When Amirite becomes more popular there should be AmiriteCon, where you get to meet other users as well as the mods. amirite?

A good idea. But i wouldn't attend because i dislike nearly all of you

Why does Sea World have seafood restaurants? I’m halfway through a fish burger when I realize, "Oh man….I could be eating a slow learner". amirite?

There is something fishy about this post

Wait a minute. Girls with big boobs talk? Well I never!

When one person commits an atrocity, it is considered a crime and is met with punishment. When millions of people commit atrocities, it is considered a culture and is met with tolerance, amirite?
@lucyjoan Seriously, why was there no POTD yesterday?

Let me tell you on a tale young child. The date was the 18th, the month was Febuary, and, on a small website name Amirite? Panic consumed the users, over the fact there was no Post of the Day. Was Anthony dead? Had he given up? Rumors where flying round, becoming more and more unlikely. It seemed like the end was nigh, with widespread panic, and users not being able to cope without cats, or the banter. And finally, 24 hours after that fabled day, we got our POTD back. And all is well.

Chris Hansen should help Rebecca Black's confusion and tell her to have a seat over there, amirite?

WOW no one gives a fuck

A paper cut is the paper's way of saying, "If I was still a tree, I would give you a damn splinter, but this is the best I can do," amirite?
It's pretty sad and kind of scary that "90s Kids" reminisce about the TV shows they watched during their childhood, rather than the things they did during their childhood, amirite?

Not really. Cartoons were watched by most children. It was easy to talk to children about them. It would be awkward for those nostalgic people online to go "Like for that time in 1992 where me and pete found that abandoned house filled with dust"

You should be offended when your religious friends don't try to convert you. If they don't, they're basically just saying they don't mind if you're eternally damned, amirite?

Religious people = cunts. Atheists = cunts. Can't we all just get along?