Christians: It is not whether the chicken came before the egg, its which one did God create first, amirite?

For the chicken and egg argument I just say that a circle has no beginning.

You'd rather hear someone swear than use a cuss word replacement, amirite?

My friend used to say flip instead of f**k since she wasn't allowed to cuss in her house because of her brothers. I finally got her to cuss and now she cusses more than me

"Cars" is kind of creepy when you think about:Where are the people, amirite?
The Colorado Shooting makes you uneasy about going into a movie theater now. amirite?
@cremep0ps what is this Colorado shooting i keep hearing about?

Some guy dressed in black wearing a gas mask threw some kind of gas into a crowd and then opened fire.

The villains in Disney movies usually got the songs with the most intense choreography, amirite?

A overweight sea witch demonstrating body language

Some people or groups (cough PETA) preach the humane treatment of animals, yet treat humans they disagree with even worse sometimes, amirite?

I read somewhere that PETA says that they love all animals but they also say that all pit bull terriers should be killed so they are talking out of both sides of their mouths

A fedora can make the straightest of all men look gay, amirite?

Tell that to Freddy Kreuger

Your high school doesn't actually have a costumed mascot that cheers at sporting events, amirite?

My high school's the Patriots and our mascot is a patriot by the name of Uncle Pat. He's super creepy. I'm so glad I graduated

It'd be awkward if firemen had a woman's attitude. There'd be a building on fire and the firetruck would come along when all the inhabitants were like "HELP US! PUT OUT THE FIRE, PLEASE!" and the firemen would just be all like "Well now that you're nagging me, no. I will do what I want. You can wait for me to decide." amirite?
Some foods look like they have to be gross, but then you try it and love it. amirite?

My friend won't eat pie because she thinks it looks gross

It's so weird meeting someone that genuinely like Nickelback. It's like meeting a leprechaun, amirite?

I love Nickleback

You know you're a true kid of the '90's when you had a portable CD player before you had an iPod. amirite?
@Simon I had a tape player, then a portable CD player, then an iPod.

Me too. I remember listening to my tape player all the time.

You feel bad for Velma. Daphne and Freddy have each other. Scooby and Shaggy have each other. Poor Velma doesn't have anyone. Amirite?

yeah in the new series Velma's personality is totally ruined. She turns into a total bitch. I especially hate it when she says that shaggy has to decide between her or Scooby

If you are reborn after you die then no one really is free, amirite?