You have a secret that no one knows, amirite?
You'd rather hear someone swear than use a cuss word replacement, amirite?

My friend used to say flip instead of f**k since she wasn't allowed to cuss in her house because of her brothers. I finally got her to cuss and now she cusses more than me

Harry Potter > Twilight, amirite?

Great idea ... Harry potter forever

If you poured root beer into a square cup, you'd end up with real beer, amirite?
Christians: It is not whether the chicken came before the egg, its which one did God create first, amirite?

For the chicken and egg argument I just say that a circle has no beginning.

It's really weird to look around the place you live, and imagine that one day, everything about it will be completely different. All your old stuffed animals will be gone, the random things you have laying around, and pretty much everything that makes you call it home won't be the same, amirite?

I still have quite a few of my stuffed animals that I'm probably never getting rid of.

A fedora can make the straightest of all men look gay, amirite?

Tell that to Freddy Kreuger

"Cars" is kind of creepy when you think about:Where are the people, amirite?
Umbridge is the worst teacher at Hogwarts, amirite?

Or Lockhart who was a fraud and wanted to wipe Harry's memories.

I think the only good teachers were Lupin, Barry crouch jr (even though he was a death eater) and maybe Snape (even though he was a git he did know his stuff). The rest sucked.

I hate it when I read that it's the woman's fault that she got pregnant and she should live with that decision. Well what if she was raped? Should she still have to go through the pregnancy and then raise a child that reminds her of it everyday? How healthy would that be for the child? For the mother? Or what if the woman find out that her child will be deformed and she doesn't have the money to help them or knows that she could not emotionally deal with it? Should she abort it or should she struggle financially and emotionally?

You've died in your dreams plenty of times, amirite?

I've been killed in many of my dreams and I'm still alive. A certain dream demon keeps coming after me.

If you were a Harry Potter-type wizard, the spell you'd use most frequently would probably be Accio, amirite?

I'd use it to find things I misplaced or loose change on the street:)

You really despise people who think it's okay to let their tiny dog bark and snarl at everyone they pass because it's "cute," amirite?
@Giganotorex273 Ah crap *their. Stupid iPod...

My iPod does that too. I agree with you. I've been bitten by a small dog after I told the owner to get it away from me because it was lunging at me but she just said that "he's harmless". Yeah right.

Its hypocritical that when an animal attacks a person, even with good reason, we kill it. But when a person attacks a person for bad reasons, we lightly punish them, amirite?
Its a good thing Snape died because he would have creeped on Harry and Ginny's daughter, amirite?

the only reason that i'm glad that Snape died is that he was very miserable and now he is at peace and with lily.