You were obsessed over the toys in Happy Meals when you were a little kid
Facebook profile pictures: 99.99% -Boobies&Cleavage , 00.01% -Face, amirite?
You never really realize how dirty the floor in your home is until you walk barefoot for a day in it, amirite?

I'm always barefoot, shoes off at the front :P

You tend to think that people with the name April were born in the month of April. amirite?

I know three Aprils born on April 1st... Well one of their names is actually Aprilyn , but still .

When is it appropriate to not quote Mean Girls? The limit does not exist. Amirite?

Unoriginal post :P

Thinking back to it, your logic as a kid was kind of crazy. amirite?
K-pop sounds just like regular music translated into Simlish, amirite?

But once you listen to it so much it starts to seem like you understand Korean ... Like me... WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

Harry Styles is the most attractive member of One Direction, amirite?

Have you seen Liam!?

It's interesting how Japan, with people that have smaller eyes, has cartoons with people who have huge eyes, amirite?

Umm... a lot of Japanese people have big eyes ..

No matter what, there's always some piano piece that can make you cry, amirite?

Kiss the Rain and River Flows in You always get me .

You didn't realize that the mysterious hobo from The Polar Express was Santa Claus, amirite?
You wanted the part of cake that had your name on i, amirite?
There're are those neighbors who you'd wish would just leave the country, amirite?
Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie on Disney! amirite?

Cry Baby Lane was the best on Nick

You can be straight and still think someone of the opposite sex is attractive, amirite?

Don't you mean same sex or are we being trolled?