Girls: there is some really random things about guys you find sexy. For example: I think a guy jumping a wall is sexy, amirite?

I love when a guy is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but he has the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. There is something that I find unbelievable sexy about that, and I've never been able to explain why.

The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?

I started freaking out in the scene with the fire, because I honestly thought they were going to make all the toys burn and that's how the movie would end. I was trying not to cry, because I was watching it with my mom and older brother, but it didn't work.

If you got message from your Girlfriend saying "Honey,Thespacebuttononthisphoneisfaultywhenyougethomepleasegivemeanalternative." you'd wonder what a ternative is, amirite?

I had to read this 6 times before I understood the joke.

It's sad when someone asks "Are you okay? You look sick!" or "Are you tired? You look it" when really you feel fine but you now have to pretend to be tired or sick so they don't know you just look like shit all of the time. amirite?

People tell me I look tired or like I just woke up all the time, and it's hardly ever true. It's rude, and personally I would never tell someone they looked tired or sick.

Crucifixion really isn't the worst way to die, amirite?

Well, I've never died, so I can't say for sure. However, I do think it's pretty high up on the list of ways I wouldn't want to die.

I dont understand the complaining, Kony 2012 is better than most of the fads out nowadays, amirite?

The Kony 2012 fad was nothing more than a cheap way for people to feel better about themselves by thinking they made a difference without actually doing anything. People thought that they would look sympathetic and "cool" if they shared the video. The whole concept is completely ridiculous. I hate to break it to everyone who shared the "Make Kony Famous" video, but your share didn't save a single child's life.

Almond Joys would be better if they were pure joy and no almond, amirite?

Isn't that what Mounds are?

Sitting criss cross applesauce kind of hurts amirite?

Does anyone else think it's stupid that they call it "Criss Cross Applesauce" now?

Professor McGonagall is definitely one of the coolest teachers at Hogwarts, even if she is strict, amirite?

I would absolutely love to have her as a teacher. She was quite strict, but she treated all of her students equally and genuinely cared about them and their education.

You hated To Kill A Mockingbird because everyone kept telling you it got better. It didn't. amirite?

Seriously, that's one of the best books ever written. Of course, I guess that's just my opinion.

Accents are always attractive, amirite?

German accents are scary, not sexy.

People spend too much time on making amirite? picture posts, amirite?

I read this as "People spend too much time making light bulb picture fences."

Girls: there is some really random things about guys you find sexy. For example: I think a guy jumping a wall is sexy, amirite?
You don't understand how people can let their hands get so dry that they bleed, amirite?

Try having a job where you wash dishes all day, wait until winter, and then you'll understand.

Even though everybody has to eat, you can't really imagine Voldemort eating. Especially like a taco or something, amirite?

For some reason, the image of Voldemort eating a taco just made me laugh really hard.