About me.

proud pet rock owner....love them very deeply.
im majoring in core until i figure out what i wanna do with my life. im thinking business degree.
im a slob. not in a never-ever-shower way, but i feel that a little mess makes a room more comfortable.
i love sports, i play several, and i love to watch them.
i get high off working out, and mountain dew.
im the only girl, so i turned out pretty tom-boy.
people crying and romance in general makes me uncomfortable.
like most kinds of music, my all-time favorite artist is kelly clarkson. also, carrie underwood, p!nk, katy perry, lesley roy, brad paisley, britney, keith urban and miranda lambert. im pretty girly when it come to music, i guess :)
hate with a burning passion romantic comedies, except The Proposal, that was good ooh, and Baby Mama (is that a considered a chick flick?). The Blind Side is my favorite movie, as of right now. i cant stand taylor swift, dont get me started.
i love friends, glee, biggest loser, and the original hawaii five-o. i grew up on Boy Meets World, The Cosby Show, Home Improvement.

people with thin skin who cant take a joke keep me up all night planning their "accidental" death.
i beat up a football player once. one of my proudest moments....not so much for my mom.
ok, now im done, im sure youre bored by now!!
feel free to message/friend me. i wont bite. unless you have a hot profile pic.
and not to brag (pssh, its totally to brag) i got POTD http://www.amirite.net/117743