when u were littler all u wanted was a phone so u could show it to older people, and now you're older u see 5 year olds with phonesz and you're like wat the crap! amirite?
@Desdemona Are you by chance one of those five year olds?

most 5 year olds have better grammar/spelling.

Death is the number one killer in the USA. Tell your friends, amirite?

oh crap, i dont think im vaccinated....

sometimes your parents never know how harsh their words really are, amirite?

its the little things people say to you that you remember for the rest of your life.

they wood be....

I know the words are similar, Dad, but you butt dialed me, not booty called me, amirite?

you guys seem to have a healthy relationship.

If you met someone with a canoe fetish, you wouldn't even want to imagine how they get their oargasms, amirite?

gentle spanking with a paddle?

You can type faster than you handwrite, amirite?

yeah, and you can actually read my typing.

When you shave but miss a strip of hair, you continually run your hand over it. It just goes on to haunt you for the rest of the day. "Gah! I missed some hair! Now it's not all smooth!", amirite?

the funny part is, no one else would ever notice, but you feel like everyones staring at it going, "eww!"

You'd be so mad if buglars broke in the house while you were pooping, amirite?

can you come back later when, yknow, i have pants on?

It kinda cool how if you listen to your entire iTunes play-list it would take almost an entire week, amirite?
@Stwentytwo 1.13 days... of legal songs.

pssh, of legal songs, mine would take 3 minutes....maybe.

Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't. amirite?

its like theyre saying, "good evening, haha, just kidding!! its not!!"

Whoever wrote the song "Santa Baby" is clearly a disgusting home wrecking hoe. Everyone knows that Santa is happily married to Mrs. Clause, amirite?

plus the fact hes like, 90

@poppinyouall Why would I hate that? ;)

i was behind a fat, old lady with a jiggly butt in a skirt. shudder

It's really creepy that the girls on Kids Bop sing "so hot we'll melt your Popsicle", amirite?
@CapedCrusader Where is Pedobear when we need him?

thats what i was about to say....im sure he'll be here soon.

If we're not supposed to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge, amirite?