There must be people whose life almost entirely matches that of a fictional character. amirite?

I don't think there are any plumbers saving princesses from giant turtle dragon monster guys out there.

lf earth had a perfect climate for humans, we'd be roaming naked and nobody would care about their nudes being leaked. amirite?
Monkey D Luffy could sit in the crows nest of his ship and someone could use his ball sack as a swing. amirite?

You're not wrong but I still don't like it

Happiness is not an entitlement and there is a generation believing it. amirite?
@Robisrael Would be nice if everyone can be happy though

Would it? Some people are pretty sick with what brings them happiness.

Families with house elves probably still do laundry themselves. amirite?
@Achilles982 Nah, they just can't hand it to them. They should still be able to pick it up off the floor or our of baskets...

Nah, it would still free them. That's the exact reason Hermione kept making hats and scarves and leaving them everywhere.

A bar tenders job is to poison people, amirite?
The chances of being killed by an ant is low, but not zero, amirite?
Your 'one that got away' might consider you to be the 'bullet they dodged.', amirite?

Bold of you to assume that any of us are worthy to have Keanu Reeves dodge us

All those different knots were probably figured out by people with some kind of rope and a lot of boredom, amirite?
There is tranquility in not existing, amirite?

There is irony in thinking you can experience anything if you don't exist

As far as small talk goes, people always talk about the weather. amirite?
Talk show hosts are one of the only type of celebrities to never be guests of talk shows, amirite?

i've seen talk show hosts as guests...the issue is usually that the current hosts are competing with eachother, so you not only gotta have the best guests, but also kinda keep your distance :)

It's ok to pick your nose and it's ok to pick your friends, but it is NOT ok to pick your friend's nose, amirite?

Had me in the first half...

Happiness is not an entitlement and there is a generation believing it. amirite?

People just get upset when their pursuit of happiness is met with obstacles.

Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?

Self perpetuating