It's amazing how a new relationship can completely change your best friend, amirite?
@RoonilWazlib I ended up having to be the one to clean up the messes after their 3 breakups...

Tell me about it. Its like when she is in a relationship with someone she puts ours on hold. And then they break up and only then does she remember me.

You've never actually tried to steal candy from a baby, so your skeptical that it's as easy as people say, amirite?

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Its not bad to be average, sometimes you can't be the best, amirite?

If only parents understood that ...

When a person is talking to you but you can't reallly hear what they are saying, you just say yes of course or just hmm, problem is sometimes they ask you "what do you think about that and you are just staring and start with "well you see I agree with you, but ..." , amirite?
Each person has a different idea of what is attractive, so yes, you are hideous, amirite?

There is a mathematical equation for that.

Each person has a different idea of what is attractive, so yes, you are hideous, amirite?
There should be a contest where People compete how fast they can turn innocent words and thoughts into something dirty, amirite?

French kiss .. Tongue

You know you had a good time when you can't tell your parents what you did, amirite?

Not necessarily.

people act like love is the ultimate goal in life when really its not its just something that might happen to you when your ready most of us arent ready but act like we are. amirite?

I like this.. I like the way you think
I myself don't believe in love at all, but it's nice to see someone that isn't blinded by the idea.

Sometimes you start laughing randomly, and when your about to stop laughing, you laugh more because of the fact that you were just laughing randomly, amirite?

And then I laugh harder because of th way my friends are looking at me as if I'm crazy.

You've never been satisfied with any of your yearbook pictures, amirite?

God, this was posted so long ago :)

Girls: You've tried keeping a journal, written in about 6-7 pages, then completely forgot about it, amirite?

I was always to lazy to even try to start writing one.

Girls: It's incredibly unfortunate when an extremely HOT guy has a nerdy name, amirite?
@Probably a stereotypical douchebag name like Jake, Travis, Justin, Brandon etc..

I cannot believe you think Justin is a hot name. Come on !! After all the thing justin bieber did. xD

When it comes down to it, luck plays a big factor in life, amirite?
@blaque_aussie well if you think about it, no not really. but nice try anyway

I don't believe in luck either, but I do believe in chance and coincidence.

When someone stumbles and falls it's not funny. So instead of laughing and pointing fingers you should help, or at least that's what you would want people to do when you are the one who fell.amirite?
@amotion That's how it goes! You laugh for a minute, then ask them if they're okay, then help them up if they need it.

Soif you are the one falling and you see someone laughing and then that someone comes and asked you if your ok you won't punish him and leave ?!