About me.

Why hello there creeper :)
As you're so kindly stopping by my profile to creep, here's some info...
I'm Holly and I'm 18. In the pic im on left, and that's my baby sister on the right :) yeah I know, adorable right?

I'm kinda a confuzzling person; I'm a weird mix of Australian, Welsh, Finnish and English, but I've lived most of my life in China...yesss I can explain to you exactly how that all works so if you actually care then message me ;)

So in short, the most important things to me are...

YOU because you're awesomeful :)

Message me whenever you like...hehe yes, you! I'll probably reply pretty quick because I am TERRIBLE in terms of procrastination and spend farrr too much time on the internet :/

Hmm anddd as everyone else seems to be mentioning this, I've read the longest joke in the world. Sooo not worth it, that's like an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Me singing!: