People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?

Is it just me or has gum gotten mintier lately?

Watching satisfying videos with bad internet is one of the most unsatisfying things, amirite?
Choosing the analog or physical versions of things in the digital age is a bit of a rebellious act, amirite?

I grew up using analog things, old radios that had tubes in them, old test equipment that my dad got in the military. Just seems right to me. Nothing like waiting 5 mins for all the tubes to come up to temperature.

Calling yourself the owner of your pet will be offensive in the future, amirite?

I think about this constantly people always say "i wish my dog could talk" or "i wish i could understand my dog" but if they could there dog would inevitably become self aware and hate it's life.

When we're told to sit up, we're already sitting down. amirite?

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

computers take space in real life to store something that doesn't exist, amirite?

our brains as well

Aside from eventually learning proper human speech, a baby could probably be trained completely to act like a dog. amirite?

When you look at coco the gorilla, it makes sense that actually the only thing gorillas are missing is an education.

As with the reverse, there are many cases of feral children, being raised and cared for by animals. When they finally make contact with humans, they are for all intents and purposes wild animal versions of the animal that raised them. They will behave just like that animals. Even biting and growling at humans in the case of a dog mother. But there are a fair few cases of other feral children by other animals too.

The pros of living in a third world country is that we have PS5 in the stores, but cons is we don't have money to buy it, amirite?

Invest in dogecoin!!!

The most superhuman ability in nearly every anime are characters who have baffling amounts of willpower or conviction. amirite?

Correlates negatively with insight and intelligence

One always needs to eat one too many slices of pizza in order to know they shouldn't have eaten it. amirite?

This is the story of my life.

First moment of wisdom is realising that the keys to a happy life can't be bought. The second is realising that you still weren't born with what it takes to get them. amirite?

That is the most depressing thing I have read this week. The bar has been set for next week.

5 inches is better than 6 inches, amirite?
@NeutralPheede Had us in the first half ngl

That would be 2.5 or 3 inches, depending.

Most good systems in the world involve a hole and something that goes in and out of it, amirite?
Sony will probably never release a ps13, amirite?

Why not? Am I too high to understand the reference?

You have trouble losing weight because your body is so efficient at using energy, amirite?

I've seen footage of myself running. Inefficient as hell.