It's weird how certain things just aren't hip anymore, amirite?

Christians are supposed to be the followers of Christ. All Jesus Christ did throughout his life was preach about peace, kindness, and equality. It completely boggles my mind how most Christians do the exact opposite yet still claim to be Christians.

You're never too old to say "I want my mommy." Amirite?

That picture is extremely adorable

You don't like the new set up for amirite.
Traditional: The teacher is out to get me. Plot twist: the students are out to get the teacher, amirite?
@fuzala I love plot twists

I love the word twist for some reason.
It sounds cool

Now this is a superb owl, amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer My my my. Look at all the bias and bigotry in the OP and comments. Such compassion and tolerance. Live and let...

Especially those claiming to be liberal? what?
Conservatives are the ones trying to tell a women what she can and cannot do to her own body (abortion).
Conservatives are the ones telling people who can and cannot get married based on gender.
Conservatives are the ones who want prayer to be allowed in public schools.
And YOU'RE saying the liberals are the ones who wont just "live and let live" ?

It makes you a 90's baby.

Gays should not be allowed to marry because its against the law of nature and of god. Its a rebillion to god and think the countries which have even given a right to adopt think how it effent them physiological when living these kind sick and dirty people
@aghardin I do not think it is sick dirty living, however God has not intended for it to be that way. God still loves them...

I believe that He did intend for it to be that way, because think about it, if everyone was fertile & straight the world would become overpopulated at a much faster rate than it already is.
Jesus himself met homosexuals and transgenders and He did not tell them to change. In fact, he even healed one in Matthew 8:5-13
“I tell you, many will come from the east and the west [i.e., beyond the borders of Israel] to find a seat in the kingdom of heaven, while the heirs [i.e., those considered likely to inherit heaven] will be thrown into outer darkness.” By this statement Jesus affirmed that many others like this gay centurion that he healed — those who come from beyond the assumed boundaries of God’s grace — are going to be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. And he also warned that many who think themselves the most likely to be admitted will be left out.

The worst part about heartbreak isn't the pain itself, it's the empty feeling you're left with. That feeling makes you think "Is it even worth getting out of bed?", you feel there is nothing left; when you feel that, you start to question why you're even alive, and THAT, is what leads to depression.
@Ya.... You're too young to have an educated opinion on this subject. Trying to say you have this in depth...

Well gee that shows how simple your love life was.
You don't know his story, so shut the fudge up.

@freespeechfreelancer A figurehead can not abuse executive privilege or authority. Congress is NOT doing that - Barack Hussein Obama IS!

Yeah, shame on him for wanting to get something done and getting past gridlock.
Do you not know how freaking nonfunctional our congress is?
Just about a week ago (i think) they were trying to pass a bill through to give aid to wounded veterans.
It should've been a clean bill. But no, republicans had to add "pork" to it and effed it up to the point where it did not get passed.
Now veterans aren't getting the extra care they need because republicans added unnecessary crap to the bill

It does stink when people won't forgive us, but it's still their right to choose to do so. After all, we did wrong them, amirite?
Cheat on your fears. Breakup with your doubts. Get engaged to your faith & merry your dreams.

Unless you intentionally spelt that wrong.

If opposites attract Men should marry Women. Amirite?!?

If opposites attract, people would be attracted to something that wasn't human.

People should stop making jokes about black people. They are actually nice and everyone should own a few of them, amirite?