Feminism isn't just for women's sake. The war on patriarchy is for the good of both sexes and all genders, and to the detriment of no one but jerks.
@JohnJillky No. Some modern feminism has proven to be detrimental to men. Both men and women need rights. A "war on patriarchy"...

But that's just the thing. It's a war on patriarchy, not a war on men. The patriarchy isn't men. It was once, but those times are over. Now it's a persistent system of beliefs, unconsciously perpetuated by many people of both sexes, which glorifies an inflated perspective on masculinity. But it must be understood, as you and I have both pointed out, that just because it glorifies masculinity and exploits women does _not_ mean that the beliefs it perpetuates don't also victimize men - which they do, they victimize all men by expecting unreasonable things of them and denying their vulnerability and original innocence, unless the man in question is naturally a complete and utter brute with no emotions except for rage, lust, and pride, and, contrary to what the patriarchy would have you believe, there are very, very few such people - and it certainly doesn't mean that men are exclusively and universally the perpetrators - which they aren't. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the patriarchy no longer has any actual living human members. It owes its continued existence exclusively to the impressionability of youth and its profitability in the hands of mass media. No one actually speaks out in favor of these antiquated beliefs anymore, nor do they truly believe them, as you'll find if you press them hard enough for a straight answer. They merely act them out, mindlessly, with no self-awareness, like puppets.

Movements like feminism are dumb because we should seek equal rights for not just one kind of human, but for ALL humans.

well while men were able to vote
females weren't allowed

so you had people seeking women's rights because men already had those rights

you don't say "majoring in math is dumb because we should be seeking knowledge everywhere"

the comparison is showing how groups specialize and focus on one area for organization and for what they feel most passionately about

feminism is to seek equal rights that match that of males

You wish you were an American teenager in the 50's, amirite?

Downvoted by all the women, blacks, gays, and other minorities..

It's just a fact that women remember things better than men.
What or your thoughts on psychologically androgynous people? (People who are mentally neither or both genders)
@freespeechfreelancer None that I am aware of. I only want them to stop putting down the hetero community and conveying the message that...

This rant is so full of misinformation that it requires restraint not to burst into fits of laughter upon reading it.

What or your thoughts on psychologically androgynous people? (People who are mentally neither or both genders)
@freespeechfreelancer I referred to and insinuated it in my first comment. I said that it would be nice if all people could make their...

Ok yea you're right, if we just got back to the "bare basics" there would be no "problems" as there are now. But we are already past the "basics" now. And the problems we see come from peoples inability to accept others choices. Now, the only legitamate complaint i've heard you make is the deception of physical sex change. I can agree with that. But you are lumping the entire gay community in with those transgenders who would decieve people and saying it is all "saddening".
So what is the issue with the rest of the gay community who are not decieving anyone?

Why I can't drink bear?I am almost 12 years old I can drink if I want right?

bear meat has a lot health risks because of the disease

that's just eating bears

imagine the risk that comes with drinking bears

So if a guy wants a woman to have equal rights he has to dress up like a woman?

It is very doubtful that ALL gay people are truly gay. Amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer So the Greek community was created and came about BY male/male relationships? Interesting. I did not say...

Are you being obtuse on purpose? I wasn't trying to say Greek society was built on gay relationships. I was trying to say they were a decently big part. I have no issue admitting that gay relationships aren't going to produce children without some kind of outside interference. Humans can't asexually reproduce. Nobody thinks that is controversial. Nobody. LGBT acceptance is not focused on making babies.

http://en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_animals_displaying_homosexual_behavior. Enjoy. Each section is only part of the full list. Just scrolling past it seems like there are quite a substantial amount. I think you and everyone else are on completely different pages right now. Like I said, the LGBT movement is not trying to change people's sexualities. That is the exact opposite of what it's trying to accomplish. You seem to think that the 'evil scheming gays' like to get together and plot about how they'll go about becoming the 'dominant force.'

That is not what it's about. It is about promoting acceptance of people that are LGBT. Please understand that. Nobody is trying to argue that gay people should overtake straight people. Nobody is trying to ban penises and vaginas touching. 99% of people understand that babies are made when straight sex happens. What people are trying to say that not everyone needs to have straight sex. I'm going off on a tangent here, but I want to add that the movement is not just about having sex. It's about the relationships between people.

Your technology comment was not clear. Being gay is not the same as being trans. Don't mix it up. Here's a link about the history of being trans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi..._United_States). It's limited to the U.S, but there you go. Although there was no technology for sex changes, trans people did still exist. Some cultures had an idea of a third gender, so your idea of 'men were men and women were women' is not absolute.

Gay people have indeed been able to dictate laws and rules. Why? Because gay people are not just gay people. They are not some closed off subset of humans. People are not just defined by one part of them. I understand that you're probably talking about LGBT issues, but keep that in mind. Just because they are a minority does not give the majority the ability to oppress them. What the hell, have you never been able to sympathize with someone from a different group than you? I'm not Native American, but if we had a giant overhaul tomorrow and started throwing Native Americans in prison for no reason, I would care because of basic human decency.

You know damn well why sodomite isn't used. Because it's an insult. And why isn't homosexual used? It's overly formal for everyday conversation. Why do we say straight instead of heterosexual? What is inherently straight about being heterosexual? Nothing. Why do we say dog instead of canis lupus familiaris? Language doesn't work that way, that's why. People don't speak like textbooks. And if you say gay was chosen for a reason, please explain to me that reason. I would love to know. Since gay people are, like you said, a minority, they weren't the only ones who took part in popularizing it. Gay people did not hold shotguns to peoples heads' and demand they use it. It is just language progressing.

You don't think acceptance is best for society? Okay. Besides, highly educated does not mean right. Highly educated people also believed in eugenics. Frankly, I don't care that a lot of people hold a view. That doesn't make it right.

It is very doubtful that ALL gay people are truly gay. Amirite?


Language changes all the time. The word 'gay' changing meaning isn't some sort of anomaly. It's also not an act of the "terrible minority" trying to overpower the majority. Trust me. It's language progressing.

I've read over some of the other comments and you seem pretty set in your ways. But let me assure you that being gay is perfectly natural. Technology did not "allow" that option to exist, whatever that means. Gay people have been around since well... forever. Many, many other species have gay animals. Just because gay people want to be free from discrimination, doesn't mean they have some sort of agenda to control the world and change all straight people. They don't want to become the dominant force. Where did you even get that?

I'm 100% certain that the LGBT movement does not call for countries to be built on the "gay model." But if you want a society where homosexuality was actually rather tolerated, check Ancient Greece (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H...ancient_Greece). I wouldn't say their attitudes were progressive or an ideal we should pursue by today standards or anything, but there you go. Male/male relationships were fairly standard. They didn't even really have a concept of homosexuality the way we do today. And guess what? They were one of the most successful groups ever.

I'm not going to even touch the rest of what you've said. This reply is rambling as it is.

Marriage shouldn't be involved with the government and legal matters. It has nothing to do with protecting citizens from danger and some laws keep people from pursuing happiness, amirite?
@VicZinc Agreed! Suggestions? Perhaps a legal contract of union? I am open to ideas but they all sound like another name...

Yeah, I can see how that would work... Well there still shouldn't be marriage laws PREVENTING one from pursuing happiness in marriage.