About me.

I may come off as rude.
That's what happens when you take sarcasm seriously.
I don't mean to use sarcasm so much, but it finds its way into my brain.
Sweeny Todd makes my life. It's easily my favorite musical by a landslide. Johnny Depp is just an amazing actor which brings me great personal joy.
Oh, and a lot of people think that it's cool that I'm half Australian.
Helena Bonham Carter is my favorite actress of all time, mostly because of her roles.
I am a total swimmer, like not the "hee-hee look at me splash in the water" swimmer but the "eat my bubbles man, I'm gonna go swim ten gazillion laps" swimmer.
Oh, and if you're ever bored and have a conveniently opened youtube page, look up desandnate or jenna marbles. Trust me, you will not regret it
I also have recently developed the unfortunate habit of referring to everyone, regardless of gender, "dude" or "man." If you encounter this slight roadblock, don't take offense, please
Oh, and for the record, gay/lesbian/whatever you want to call a girl that likes other girls, and out.

If you can finish this quote, I will officially declare you my hero: "Hugs and butterfly kisses, " Two words.

Peace out man.