About me.

Im Courteney ( My name ish Spelt like that though i dont know why ¬¬'') Im 14 years old :D I come from England. Ummm I have short black hair that i spike at the back with a fringe, People call me ugly but i just go 'meh' hehe (which people call me emo for T.T'' )Im a person who is pretty deep at times.
My life is probably made up of Harry Potter, Escape the fate, Iron Maiden, Blood on the dancefloor,Asking Alexandria, Pokemon, Amirite?, Cookies, Dinosaurs, Humour, Secondhand serenade, Black veil brides, Scary Kids Scaring kids, Laughing,Crying, Magic, Humour, fishing, Lord of the rings,Final fantasy,Devil May Cry,Zelda,Mario,KH, Water, Breathing , Love, Hate, Poetry,Singing,being alone and getting carried away to my own dream land :]