You would rather be a guy than a girl. amirite?

nah im fine with being female

Americans: We should become more educated about Native Americans and Native American culture.
@Wunderscore Why?

because modern America has no actual intelligent culture and, as dontlookoverme said, after all the crap we put the native americans through, the least we can do is educate ourselves about them

Can texting and text language be considered a new and global language for future communication?

i hope not text language

myself to stop being so negative. so far, so good

Raven-Symone>>>>>Ariana Grande
Raven-Symone>>>>>Ariana Grande
Heart or brain?
why are we not yet developing electricity from lightning?

i thought we were.

what would planet earth be like if we had no privacy, whatsoever?

shyness would pretty much cease to exist

Anyone who compares two men or two women falling in love and getting married to infanticide is one sick, twisted, disgusting person
@Skr3wBall I think they just don't know what infanticide is.

that is possible. In which case, that person knows too little and talks too much.

Is being gay a choice, or genetic make up?

neither. it is psychological. orientation is something that develops slowly and involuntarily over time

Would you like the idea of equestrian centers being part of school programs??

thatd be really cool. but what would it cost?

What does it mean to be White ?

to not have much melanin in your skin.

Why is sex and innocence opposites in our society?

people just dont think very much. we're kind of dumb