There's nothing wrong with two people in a relationship having sex even if they are in high school, as long as they're both willing, safe, and over the legal age of consent, amirite?

Someone in highschool may realize the consequences but that doesn't mean they could handle them if they happened. And a lot of people (not just teenagers) say they understand the reprocusions of their actions but don't fully grasp what they are and the effect if would have on their lives. Like the 1% chance you could end up pregnant (this is considering you use protection). Not saying sex is wrong since there's probably a 20% chance you could get in a car accident. Doesn't mean you don't drive. But you'd better be prepared for that 1%

You're ok with homosexuals. It's when they make it the primary focus of their identity and make sure everyone knows how proud they are of which gender they have sex with that it becomes annoying.

because no heterosexual individual brags about how they only love the opposite gender and not their own.

You should only have sex if youre mature enough to understand the consequences of it. 13, 14 and even 15 year olds are NOT mature enough to grasp what they are doing. Yes we realize you have hormones, go masterbate. amirite?

I don't think the probleis that 15 year olds are possibly not mature enough to emotionaly handle sex. But the fact that even if they ARE and understand the possible consequences is that if those concequences were to happen who would be taking care of the child? Certainly a 15 year old doesn't make any income and is not at an age where they can even partialy support a child. That is where I think the "teenagers shouldn't have sex" argument should be. The reason I as a 17 year old don't do anything is that fear of the 1% chance that something would fail and i'd end up pregnant. Sure it'd be enjoyable but its nothing that can't wait since I plan to marry my boyfriend in the future and he feels the same way.