About me.

Hello, my name is Emily. Though I am going to make a bulleted list of things you might want to know about me, I am actually very friendly, and rarely abrupt. I will now add a smiley face to give proof of my friendliness :)

  • 17
  • from Kansas
  • avid reader (open to book suggestions of any kind)
  • I love movies. A true love. I have been trying to get into foreign films, so if you have an suggestions (I prefer Spanish and French) please spill.
  • Christian
  • Libertarian
    TV Shows:
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Firefly
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • Parks and Rec (which is getting worse.)
  • The Office (mostly from the early days.)
  • Community
  • New Girl
  • Psych (Shawn will you marry me?)

Random Facts
-When I go to college, I want to double major (get a double degree?) in English, and -because apparently I can't get a job with an English degree frown smilie - Marketing. And maybe minor in Spanish.
-I actually drink 8-10 cups of water a day.
-My favorite song right now is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
-I learned how to knit years ago but cannot progress from scarves.
-I love to sing- not well, or in front of people or anything. Just in my car. And I have no shame, I leave my windows open ;)
-Geography would be one of my worst subjects if it was actually a subject
-I used to think I would be a writer but I can never get further than a chapter or two.
-I might have social anxiety (this was self-"diagnosed", and I am a teenager, so who really knows.)
-Hmm, I am reading Life As We Knew It which is about the moon getting hit closer to Earth and causing chaos. I am finding it mildly boring and depressing.
-I am trying to work day by day to become a better person.
-My favorite quote is "We are not here to judge the world, we are here to love it."
-I am listening to "My Simple" by F. Stokes right now, and I really like it. You should listen to it. If you want to. Also, "Crushing" by Blithe Field is an amazing chill song.
-I am an avid gum-chewer. I learned yesterday in Psychology that I might have deep psychological problems from my childhood causing this.
-I could eat mint chocolate chip ice cream all day, everyday.
-Halloween and Christmas movies are my favorite movies to watch.
-Also, I hate physics. With a force of one million Newtons.

*If you are really bored/looking for something to do, you should look through my favorites/loves I am pretty selective and almost all of them make me laugh out loud. I get a good chuckle every couple of months when I sit down and read through them again.

Feel free to message me! (Seriously, it would make my day. You want to make my day, right?)