What do atheists say on Friday? TERARATSIF? Thank Earth's Rotation and Revolution Around The Sun It's Friday? amirite?

Q: What do you say when an atheist sneezes?
A: When you die, nothing happens.

Hey Gossip Magazines, I could really care less that Lindsay Lohan is in rehab or Brad Pitt took his kids to the beach. There are more important things to really care about. amirite?

That's why they're gossip magazines...because it's trivial information.

It's weird how we can drink cold beverages with a straw, and it feels completely normal. But using a straw for something hot is just wrong, amirite?

There is a risk of carcinogenic toxins entering your system if you use a straw with your hot drink unless you have a full plastic straw which does not melt, since plastic contains carcinogenic substances. Not to mention the fact that using a straw would concentrate the heat and make the hot drink seem even hotter which would make you more likely to burn your mouth. But, if you're up for it, more power to ya. :)

In the episode of iCarly where Sam and Freddy kiss they are sending a bad message because no one should have their first kiss just to get it over with, amirite?
Signing up for won't be a waste of my money, amirite?

My uncle is really into all that stuff and I asked him about it one day. He told me to sign up for a free trial and then cancel my membership after I get all the information I possibly can. So set aside a day when you can be online for a long period of time and sign up then.

You miss the days when you could stuff your face with chocolates or other sweets, and not have to worry about getting pimples, amirite?

chocolate doesn't cause acne.

It's annoying when a song is released featuring someone else, and the featured singer just sings faintly in the background, or just one line in the entire song, amirite?
Weed should be legal, amirite?

Marijuana should be legal if the government regulates & sells it like cigarettes. There could be such a profit made from it, but if it's just going to be sold on the streets like it is now, then no, it shouldn't be legal.

The squiggley (~) is so awesome, but no ones knows what to use it for, amirite?
Money can't buy you happiness but it can certainly rent it out for a few hours, amirite?
@LavLav_loves_WonWon happier but not happy. the father of someone i know was a multi-millionare and he commited suicide. not a fast...

Okay, well that's one incident, what I think we're saying is that money can buy happiness for a lot of people. Like if I had money so I can pay for college and travel the world, I would be happy. Not all multi-millionaires are miserable, most of them are happy because they're rich and can buy whatever they want.

Oh, and if someone is "happier," it means they're already happy. So money in that case would be icing on the cake. Even better. :)

Chivalry is not dead. amirite?
@Totobean Chivalry as it was intended is dead. Being gentlemanly and respectful to women is only one facet of chivalry.

I know exactly what chivalry is, and I still do not think it is dead. There are some truly virtuous, honorable and loving people still out there. :)

The boys have it so easy. Us girls... we cook, we clean, we give birth, we take care of kids, we drive them everywhere, we shave our legs, make sure we look pretty every day, straighten our hair, do our nails....and what the boys don't get is we do it all for them, amirite?
Summer can't come fast enough, amirite?
@if summer came to fast you'd complain that it had premature ejaculation

lmao, you got me.

but there's so much stuff i'm doing this summer, like going to italy, switzerland, germany, north carolina, texas, renting a beach house in jersey & going to college. :D soooooo excited!

Sometimes, you wish you can shoot your finals in the face, bitch slap your teachers, feed your homework to your dog, sell your little sibling to a foreigner, and then sleep for the rest of your life, amirite?

Amen to that!

you type with two fingers, amirite?

I type with five, thankyouverymuch. :)