No... not really. Honestly, we're just too sheltered here in America, United Kingdoms, wherever you're from, but in other countries, this stuff happens on a daily business and honestly shouldn't surprise us at all. This kind of stuff has been happening for centuries why should it bother us? I'm not a sick man, nor do I think I am, but honestly, we're just all too sheltered, and this website is a big circlejerk now that i think of it.

The line to the women's bathroom is always longer, amirite?

| There is actually a line for the girls bathroom, amirite?*

People say that marijuana is good for you because it's natural, but they don't realize that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. Wanna know what else is natural? Bears. amirite?

I've never heard an argument for marijuana saying it's natural

The pulp in orange juice is like the peanuts in crunchy peanut butter. You either have it or leave it out, amirite?

The pulp in orange juice is like the genitalia of a person, you either have it or don't have it.

The after taste of most cheeses kind of taste like throw up, amirite?

In a good way

If Nintendo made a fully-functioning Pokemon Blue/Red for iPod/iPhone/iPad, you'd be willing to pay $10 for it, amirite?
When you watch dogs drink water, you can't help but wonder how any of it stays in their mouths, amirite?

YouTube video thumbnail Pretty sick.

Attractive people: it's really obvious when people are attracted to you. And sometimes you wish you could go around without attracting so many people. amirite?


Guys: At one point, you have found yourself using toilet paper as a tissue and a tissue as toilet paper, amirite?

I think he means tissue when me jack off

The State farm jingle doesn't work in real life, amirite?

Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is here, with some oxygen. Oh hey!

Life plan: Marry a guy name Jesse (be Jesse's girl) then have a kid named Stacey. Be Stacey's mom and Jesse's girl, amirite?
You'd rather do one thing whole-assed than two things half-assed. amirite?
A Little Piece Of Heaven is the best song by Avenged Sevenfold, amirite?

Afterlife anyone?

It would be cool if our portable electronics had multiple batteries so that when one of the batteries got done charging it moved on to the next one and then when the first battery dies it would move on to the next battery an we could use them for a long time without having to re-charge them,amirite?

Ya its called a Gameboy.

Guys: Whenever you go into the bathroom for a long time, you think your parents think you're masturbating, amirite?