People say they feel like a million bucks when they are happy, therefore, chickens must feel like a million clucks when they are happy. amirite?
@CrazyMrDan let me know when you get an answer.

I already did

They said

"Not clucks! Lololol xdxd"


Having your b-day on the 24th is worst since you have to wait to open your gifts the next day, amirite?
A large amount of people alive today are older than the internet, amirite?

Betty White is older than sliced bread. True story.

When we nut, we feel a moment of bliss. Then the very next moment, we feel as if everything has been taken from us. amirite?

"Can you put the money in the bag"

One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?

Any day could be your halfway life day, you could have already passed it.

When you're 23 years old you're as close to being 30 as you are far away from being 16. amirite?

Further away from the womb and nearer to the tomb

As we age happy dreams become rarer, amirite?

If you're talking about wet dreams, I didn't have my first one until I was like 25.

Eat poor people to solve world hunger poverty and overpopulation at the same time but because they're are too many people all of us will be obese, amirite?

Cannibalism is a bad idea. It results in the spread of Kuru, a very rare, incurable and fatal neurodegenerative disorder.

By the end of the next decade, our culture is going to change drastically, amirite?
@And by the end of the decade after that you will find out that's what always happens.

Today social and cultural changes are so fast that only a decade is sufficient for things to change drastically. In history it could have taken hundreds of years.

Goose on my noose.

I'm a mean uncle.

If space truly is infinite, then every movie has happened before, amirite?

So... We know that there are supermassive black holes, right? We know that black holes can swallow everything, even other black holes, causing a merger, and a bigger black holes... Eventually, it all gets pulled back in, into one hyper-dense "singularity" in pretty much the same composition, then explodes out like in the "big bang". It has all already happened, and it will happen countless more times... This... Cyclic Hell.

Guys who put the toilet seat down after they pee in a public men's room need to rethink their life choices. amirite?

Why? It literally hurts no one...

Everyone who voluntarily doesn't work out takes the body given to them by their ancestors for granted, amirite?
@Show you are superior by flexing and not working out

I think it's more about the comparison between hardworking cavemen and people like me who sit all day long, than superiority

Betty Marion White was born in 1922; the first BMW car made was in 1928. Betty White is the original BMW. amirite?

The R 32 was first produced in 1923. Betty White is still older but the first BMW vehicle was a motorcycle, interestingly.