People say they feel like a million bucks when they are happy, therefore, chickens must feel like a million clucks when they are happy. amirite?
@CrazyMrDan let me know when you get an answer.

I already did

They said

"Not clucks! Lololol xdxd"


When we nut, we feel a moment of bliss. Then the very next moment, we feel as if everything has been taken from us. amirite?
As we age happy dreams become rarer, amirite?

If you're talking about wet dreams, I didn't have my first one until I was like 25.

Betty Marion White was born in 1922; the first BMW car made was in 1928. Betty White is the original BMW. amirite?

The R 32 was first produced in 1923. Betty White is still older but the first BMW vehicle was a motorcycle, interestingly.

Maybe in a few years being a gay man will be easier than being a straight man, amirite?
@Maybe we wont have a majority and humanity will slowly die off...

It seems pretty unlikely that the species will go extinct because everyone becomes gay.

Dolphins probably think they're only a few thousand humans in the world and that we only eat seafood. amirite?
Cheap phones are thicker and heavier while cheap calculators are thinner and lighter. Expensive phones are thinner and lighter while expensive calculators are thicker and heavier. amirite?

Yes this is big brain time

YoU cAn tYpE LiTerAlLy aNythiNg LiKe tHiS aNd iT sOunDs sArcaStic. amirite?
Getting nicknames on highschool must've been rare in the old days. amirite?

My nicknames were get-lost and we-hate-you

If you're trapped on an island with someone you hate at least you have something to eat. amirite?

But so do they.

Funeral food is so good you forget who died. amirite?

Funeral food is to die for

High school teaches you how to fit in with society, amirite?
@Ouhenio That's a weird way of saying that you develop social skills at school.

Yeah , true but according to the person under me , you just jerk off for 4 years without learning any social skills and then graduate

High school teaches you how to fit in with society, amirite?
@In what other situation in life will you find yourself grouped with 500 other people of the same age and economic...

Maybe that's what you learn. It's easier in Hs because despite you thinking you're so different than everyone , you're all so much alike . And the reason why you might find yourself displaced in Hs ( society ) is because you choose to concentrate on the differences . Maybe ?

We go through life bumping into "the wrong ones" when all we want is to find "the one", amirite?

I've been lookin for Keanu my whole life. Still searching

High school teaches you how to fit in with society, amirite?