You would suck dick for the ability to fly, amirite?

I'd suck dick for a pop tart right now, never mind the ability to fly

The mods are all fuck buddies, and proud of it, amirite?

Mods? As in the 1960s British subculture?

Anorexia isn't a diet - food won't kill you, but starving yourself will. amirite?

You've obviously never tried my chicken surprise ...

We should use orphans as seeing-eye children for the blind; it gives them a home, a job and a sense of purpose, amirite?

So... instead of providing orphans with homes, loving families and a normal childhood, we should put them to work with people who may or may not be nice people? No offence, but its a ridiculous idea.

It's frustrating how most letters in the word "aisle" are silent, amirite?

I wouldn't say it was frustrating...

You wonder how animals got their names. Dog? I can understand that. Cat? Sure. Hippopotamus? Yea...wait what?! amirite?

I could mention something about roots words from Greek and Latin, but I feel it would be wasted.

There aren't really any good words for male attractiveness, amirite?

Hench ;)

Yorkshire accents FTW.

I wanna tame miley. amirite?

I wanna deck her.

Smokers are quitters whether or not they give up cigarettes. If they don't then they are just quitting life early. Amirite?
@Chromana Yeah but that's just rare. Plus he'd probably live longer if he didn't smoke. It's pointless me listing the health...

I wasn't disagreeing, just pointing it out and explaining that smoking doesn't essentially mean an early life.

it irritates you when you go somewhere and the adults say you can't gives hugs to the opposite sex because they are too sexual, and guys think solely about sex so they misinterpret your hug every time. amirite?

Who actually says that? I've never been told i can't hug someone...

You have had at least one teacher who has said sex instead of six. amirite?
Hannah Montana has gone from a cute little disney show that all of us secretly loved to watch, to just another disney star gone wrong :/, amirite?

Plus her songs are shit...

Had a steak dinner at Gaga's last night... It was fine, but the dressing was a bit weird. amirite?
Those with tattoos: you hate the part where it's really itchy a few days afterwards, but you can't scratch it because it will be ruined amirite?

Bit o' E45'll sort that out, pal.