Had a steak dinner at Gaga's last night... It was fine, but the dressing was a bit weird. amirite?
Smokers are quitters whether or not they give up cigarettes. If they don't then they are just quitting life early. Amirite?
@Chromana Yeah but that's just rare. Plus he'd probably live longer if he didn't smoke. It's pointless me listing the health...

I wasn't disagreeing, just pointing it out and explaining that smoking doesn't essentially mean an early life.

You wonder how animals got their names. Dog? I can understand that. Cat? Sure. Hippopotamus? Yea...wait what?! amirite?

I could mention something about roots words from Greek and Latin, but I feel it would be wasted.

Those with tattoos: you hate the part where it's really itchy a few days afterwards, but you can't scratch it because it will be ruined amirite?

Bit o' E45'll sort that out, pal.

We should use orphans as seeing-eye children for the blind; it gives them a home, a job and a sense of purpose, amirite?
@Sully Well I'd say due to current working regulations, this idea pertains to those who are at least 16 and are capable of...

At aged sixteen they should be in higher education or starting work, not working as 'seeing eye children'.

It's amazing how through all of human history, one thing has remained constant. That little girls all over the world dream of being a princess, amirite?

I wanted to drive lorries..

It's frustrating how most letters in the word "aisle" are silent, amirite?

I wouldn't say it was frustrating...

The best kind of guys are the nerdy hot ones, because they're just so darn clueless how hot they really are! And yes, there are such a thing as "nerdy hot guys",amirite?

If hot nerdy guys exist, how come I've never met one? It makes me sad :(

God loves all people. Jesus came to save, not to condemn. John 3:16-7. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus Well, the Bible (which you obviously believe in) says that being gay is a sin.

I don't believe in the bible actually, don't make assumptions. I just liked what it said, stop trying to spark an internet debate, i haven't the time or the energy.

We should use orphans as seeing-eye children for the blind; it gives them a home, a job and a sense of purpose, amirite?
@Sully And I they are not in your said situation, would it be safe to say, with the childs consent, that helping the blind...

If a sixteen year old wasn't in the said situation, shouldn't the focus be on GETTING them into education or work? Guide dogs are a good way of helping the blind, why fix something that's not broken?

it irritates you when you go somewhere and the adults say you can't gives hugs to the opposite sex because they are too sexual, and guys think solely about sex so they misinterpret your hug every time. amirite?

Who actually says that? I've never been told i can't hug someone...

You're a bitch who needs to burn in hell if I told you a friend failed at committing suicide and you said "Awww, why didn't it work?", amirite?

Sounds oddly specific...

Twilight should have saved money by not buying all that glitter and invested it in acting lessons for Kristen Stewart, amirite?

What??? She's a great actress! Its just that every part she plays is an constipated emotional vacuum...

10 years ago, people waited till 16-17 to have sex. Now it's 13-15. In another 10 years, are 11 year olds gonna be doin it? amirite?

Its actually only a minority who have sex at that age, I think you'll find that most do actually wait until its legal.

Why is global warming a bad thing? We're told we wan't the environment to thrive, and more CO2 in the atmosphere means that all the worlds trees are pretty damn happy. amirite?

Because if the Earth's temperature rises even just a few degrees, we're basically fucked.