About me.

Has any one ever told you what beautiful eyes you have?

Hello, I am your stalker. Long time no meet.
My hobbies include you, and only you... and of course stalking, which i happen to be very skilled at.

oh yeah, and along with my friend Anelle http://www.amirite.net/user/anelle we have started a support group names SALSA.
Supporting And Loving Stalker Association.
It is for anyone who wants to make peace with their stalkers. If you want in, tell either me or Anelle, I guess.
Just write your name below saying that you want some SALSA and chips, sign your name on the pledge:

"I will forever and ever Love and Support my Stalkers or else the next Salsa i eat with shall be contaminated with swine flu. Because Karma is a bitch like that."

Once you join, I'll send you some salsa and chips.

So far, we have a few members- and still growing. Some people have just asked for some salsa and chips, and by that, i am not really sure what they mean...
check out some of these Salsa lovers:

Once we have more members, I'll throw a Salsa party- complete with Tacos and sombreros and dancing Mexican midgets with pinatas.