It's interesting how babies are actually born sort of as animals, all crawling and not comprehending (nor caring) for math and schedules and work and whatnot, but we as humans train them to become all human-y by teaching them to walk and do taxes. We train the little clumsy monkeys to become civilized and boring humans just like everybody else. It's not the race that is like this, it's the training. We're not naturally this way, we train each other to become this, amirite?
I've only been seeing my girlfriend for about 2 weeks now, but she makes me feel like no other. I probably shouldn't say, "I love you," yet even though i feel it, amirite?

Hey, no cute faces. I'm not done being pissed yet.

‎Why can’t rappers just say nice things? Like, “I wanna take your clothes off and hang them up in the closet real nice." amirite?
It would be funny to make your facebook status "OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKS" and then 5 minutes later make another facebook status that says "Well, I'm gonna test out this time machine", amirite?

You spelled time macne wrong

When watching a movie with Colin Firth in it, you can't refer to him by his name in that movie. It's always Colin Firth, amirite?

Colin Firth. Colin Thecond.

It's awkward when you try to rebel against the Fourth of July by wearing Britain's flag's colours instead of America's, amirite?
You love those days when you eat really healthy and have a hardcore workout, amirite?

I feel guilty clicking YYA as it's almost 4 pm and I'm still in my pjs, eating a mozzarella stick.

When you see a bruised apple at the market, you give it a soft hug and whisper, "Who did this to you?" amirite?
@Kashish This is a rotten potd.

Normally i down-vote comments that bash the POTD, but i normally up-vote good puns
WHAT DO I DO?!?!??!
have a turnip y smilie

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Disney shouldn't make a movie about a lesbian princess. That's a conversation that a lot of parents don't want to have with their kids at princess-loving age. amirite?

Snow white: girl lives with seven men, prince feels up her dead body
Sleeping beauty: guy breaks into a house and makes out with an unconscious 16 year-old
Beauty and the Beast: girl falls in love with a wookie who kidnapped her father
Cinderella: guy travels around the whole kingdom to look at girls feet. Foot fetish much?
Mulan: girl cross-dresses and goes skinny dipping in a lake with a few dozen men
Lady and the Tramp: canines make-out with a bowl of spaghetti
The Little Mermaid: guy gets it on with a human-fish hybrid and almost marries an octopus
The Princess and the Frog: girl makes out with a frog
And you think a lesbian princess would raise too many questions?

You were born too late to explore new lands. You were born too early to explore space. You were born on time to explore the internet, amirite?

One day I'll tell my grandchildren about a time when the internet was uncensored and users roamed free within its borders like majestic lions across the grasslands. I'll tell them how we had to type things out instead of using the neural links implanted in our brain stems, how we had to scroll down through dozens of menus, both ways, with a stalled connection to find what we wanted, and I'll remind them that children these days are so ungrateful. I'll tell them how we had programs that connect you to another user across the world and let you talk about your different experiences, and when they ask me if I ever saw anyone's dick between the philosophical debates I'll laugh and find a clever way to avoid answering, because the elderly are entitled to their secrets. I'll complain about my carpel tunnel and advanced arthritis in both thumbs, and at thanksgiving I'll remind them to be thankful for mind upload text. I'll keep my dear old friend, my laptop, on a shelf beside the grandfather clock, where it will gather dust because it's been broken for years and the parts are no longer made, and the children will stare at it in wonder and marvel, "The screen really does fold up!"

Some musicians get more recognition than they deserve (Katy Perry, LMFAO) while artists that actually make cohesive pieces of work aren't as well known as they should be (Arcade Fire, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, etc.) amirite?

Rise Against... Regina Spektor....

This may just be because I'm British, but the American High School system seems pretty damn complicated, amirite?

Yeah, we're kind of a big deal.