You can tell if a girl has a good sense of humour just by feeling her boobs, amirite?
Why are the ugliest and simplest paintings worth the most? I mean, can you imagine if Oprah finger-painted a red line on a piece of paper? That'd be worth millions. amirite?

I agree that many of these works are overpriced, but they are far from worthless. I think you're completely missing the point of modern art; it's not so much about aesthetic pleasure (which has been done a million times), but about discovering new ways to express one's self and one's society. Modern art is essentially a redefinition of culture, society, and expression through experimentation with media.

So if Oprah did something similar now, it wouldn't be worth anything because it's been done before. But when this 'red line' painting was done for the first time, it was a total upheaval of hundreds of years' of artistic and cultural tradition. Context is very important to modern art, and it rejects the idea that pretty pictures are the best pictures because, ultimately, that's not what art is about.

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL: You're lockers are too close for comfort. When I can tell whether the guy next to me brushed his teeth while I'm hanging up my jacket that's a clear indicator that more space is needed, amirite?

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL: You need to offer better English courses. Your students should know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' by now.

Most countries don't actually like America. They just pretend they do for all the benefits: status, money, aid, not being blown up... amirite?
@Chapstick That's kinda sad :( America used to be the land of dreams. People from all over the world came here for a better...

Very true. America was a great country in the 20th century - it was the first country where people could actually fulfill their dreams and find a better life. It truly was fantastic.

But how could anyone take this country seriously now? Seriously, the international community sees a senseless war, people like Trump and Palin as serious candidates for office (REALLY?!), and infantile debates over things like Planned Parenthood to block the entire government's budget. Oh, I forgot - the birth certificate and pictures of bin Laden.

America needs to get its shit together. That, and it needs to wake up and realize that 'empires' always fall, and America can still be a great country even if it is gasp number TWO.

This must be how it works; Germ #1- "Oooh, look dude, there's food on the ground, lets go." Germ #2- "Nahh, man. It hasn't been 5 seconds yet." Germ #1- "Yeah, you're right. Gotta follow the rules.", amirite?
Your, you're... it's a website. Not a spelling bee. It doesn't really matter, amirite?

Spot on. I would have liked to make it you're but since I couldn't, I went for the irony instead.

It's more fun to pick/peel your nail polish off, then using nail polish remover, amirite?
Sometimes, if you were on Disney, you wonder what you would do with the whole wand/ Mickey Head thing and the, "Hi, I'm ___ ___, from ____, and your watching disney channel!", amirite?
You don't like when people are too proud of their country, amirite?
@EmptyMelodies Maybe if Americans were more proud of their country, they wouldn't have let it get to its current state.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a group of people who are more proud and nationalistic than Americans.

Ice cream sales would go drastically down if PETA got it's way and used breast milk instead of cow milk, amirite?
Its better to have a snack with slightly more calories sugar and fat that you love then one with less you only like, amirite?

Your grammar is atrocious.

If guns kill people, then... Pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat, amirite?
If guns kill people, then... Pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat, amirite?
The United States isn't free until everyone is free, amirite?

Anyone else have the "Is gay marriage wrong?" advertisement under the post?

During the summer when someone asks you what grade your in, you can't decide to tell them the grade you came from or the grade your going into, amirite?