If all of the current amirite members remained active users for the next twenty years, there would be a shift in the age demographic, and it would be cool to see how the posts, comments, and site would change to appeal to thirty and forty-year-olds, amirite?

It's only been two years that I've been a member and I already feel like the posts I made when I first started don't reflect who I am at all now. So seeing them twenty years from now would probably be pretty crazy.

When you were older, you used to love playing around with time machines. amirite?

I automatically read it as "When you were younger."

It doesn't make sense for Brian Griffin to be an Atheist because in earlier episodes God's existance has been proven in their world, amirite?

Brian is also a talking dog...

Attractive people: it's really obvious when people are attracted to you. And sometimes you wish you could go around without attracting so many people. amirite?
The very existence of evolution proves the existence of a creator, amirite?

I wish this hadn't been a year ago so OP could defend their (somewhat baffling) stance.

When you have a plate full of food, you can't have different things touching. You don't want your green beans invading your mashed potatoes. amirite?

We are the Boyz 'N Motion! We give you our devotion!

guys: it sucks when you're sitting on the toilet and you get an erection and your penis touches the inside of the bowl, amirite?

... This has actually happened to 15 people?

There are a lot of ugly fish using this site... amirite?

We must be near one of those toxic waste dumps.

When you first get college mail, you are a little excited and open each letter and e-mail with care. After a few weeks, however, you start to hate the mail, ignore it, and regret ever giving them your e-mail, amirite?

Yeah, I really try to open those e-mails with care...

Valentines Day is so fake. If you love someone, you'll treat them special every day, not just once out of 365 days, amirite?

366. It's a leap year.

Always be yourself, unless you're that guy. Don't be that guy.
The idea of a massage chair is weird. It must've been like, "Look! It's a chair but it's got nubs and stuff that moves and massages your back." amirite?

You started off your post by saying that massage chairs are weird. But then, instead of proving how massage chairs are weird and making others realize, you just gave a definition of what a massage chair is.

It must've been awkward taking a dump during the Hunger Games, knowing that the whole country could potentially be watching you. amirite?

Or that you were about to be killed...

Regardless of who wins, there will be an outcry for a recount, amirite?
@TYPO As predicted, they're calling for a recount in Ohio. Sigh why is it so hard to admitt defeat?

Why don't you let us know after YOU have spent the last year or so living your life campaigning tirelessly to win the highest political office in our country and debatably the most powerful position in the world, while having every single thing you say be scrutinized by the public?

11:11:11 11/11/11 has kind of stolen verterans day's thunder, amirite?

Because Veterans Day had so much thunder to begin with...