You can waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them.

OK, you got me, I'm an idiot, you win. Idiot old me up in here.
I wish I was clever like what you are.
I mean look at you, you have all these quotes that you just randomly took from other people, I don't have any of those!
I'm not sure how I expected to win an argument with all my idiot, when all along you were geniusing all around this argument.
I wish I had thought to call you an idiot as a super clever way of giving up the argument, but then how could I think of calling you an idiot, when you have all that clever.

Some races are so worthless and stupid that we need to get rid of them. Like the egg and spoon, three-legged, etc. Amirite?

Also black people

You wish posts were longer, amirite?

Best way to create a breathable atmosphere on mars: plant a couple of weeds there and within 10 years they will have grown accross the planet and created enough oxygen for humans to breathe. amirite?

I'm not sure if that's how you science.

"What if you could turn your lights on... from a different city?" Why the hell would you need to do that? amirite?

Scare the burglars! Frighten the cat! Startle the grandkids! Terrify your husband's mistress! Bother the cleaning lady! Bamboozle the UPS man! Reassure the gardener! Fuck with the meter reader! Amuse the electric company! Chase away the alligators! Endless fun! Dozens of uses! Hours of laughs!

When you hack someone's Facebook, it's a total waste to put something like "I'm gay" as their status. I mean, of all the funny, sad, evil, awesome things you could post, you waste it by putting something totally unoriginal and boring. It's pretty anti-climactic, amirite?

I did this recently. I put a very long coming out status that thanked all of his friends for support. Multiple people believed it. Then I got down to business. I changed his name to Oprah Odonnel Winfree. I said he worked at an Al Qaeda training camp with a new project "9/11/12". I posted on every Smith's wall that he was friends with "You're my favorite smith". Same thing with another name I'm forgetting. I messaged one girl telling her she was really pretty and begged for nudes. I accepted a friend request from a girl he's been avoiding like crazy. I added every girl on Facebook named Laquisha and was going to put up a status "I love you Laquisha", but they never accepted. Oh yeah, I also changed his profile picture to Justin Beiber and his time line cover to One Direction. There was more, but I forget.

It's ridiculous when people think masturbating is cheating. Everyone does it. I should be able to sue my school for kicking me out of my exam room, amirite?

I went to the doctor and he told me I had to stop masturbating. I asked why, and he said, "Because I'm trying to check for testicular cancer!"

You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

Really? And here I thought everyone conformed to every stereotype and that they were all 100% true. I guess I break the stereotype that I go on amirite and I'm not stupid as fuck

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Public transport is more fun than people give it credit for. You can be sat there when suddenly, BAM. Resident weirdo walks on, sits next to you, and you get a 10 minute story about how he fought apes in Vietnam with his Henry Hoover. Of course, the alternative is that you go home with 16 new undiscovered illnesses from touching anything, amirite?

Getting 16 undiscovered illnesses isn't THAT bad. It makes for a great story to tell people on the bus.

Happiness in intelligent people is one of the rarest things you know, amirite?

I don't think it's so much that intelligent people 'see the evil in the world' and simply can't get beyond that. I think it's more that they see the evil in themselves, and that they strive so hard to understand their world and their lives and themselves that they struggle to feel contentment with what they already know. They are intelligent, and so of course they are going to seek meaning and discovery in life. These pursuits, however, are so blatenty daunting - and likely impossible - that the intelligent person is unhappy.

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At least once in your life when you had a flip phone and terrorists bombed the earth and everyone died except you and one other person who had your number so they could call you, you were repeatedly opening and closing your phone at a point when you received a phone call, causing you to accidentally the entire call, and then that one person an heroed because they thought they were the only ones left and didn't want to live without you, then you were stuck on the earth foreveralone, so you wen... amirite?
@PurpleZebra Did you died?

I can't remember, I was cut off by the "amirite?" at the end.

Worlds shortest horror story: The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. Amirite?
@BigTRex I thought they put thru to appeal to their uneducated customers

"Hey Betty.. What's that word right there? Drive.. Therouh?"
"I don't know Mike, I think it's one of those fancy people words."