Shower and bathtub sex is the best, amirite?
Pornstars must take the hugest dumps, amirite?
Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?
@Puroboricua13 Is it weird that as a guy, I already have it all planned out? first shes going to go to a spa place all day, make...

your probly just gonna say fuck it when the time comes and just be like ayo lets get married and your gonna be at the gym

Whenever there is any sort of competition in movies, the main character either comes in first, second, or last, or it's a tie for first, amirite?

you practically listed all the places they could possibly come in

You've never cried while reading a book. amirite?

im illiterate

Special occasions must be decided based on how scared people are of things. Trees only get one day. Sharks get a week. Black people get a whole month, amirite?

today some black guy jumped out of his car and started walking at me...i nearly shit my pants

Tax cuts for the rich have been going on for years and got us into this recession in the first place. We need to tax the wealthiest Americans - especially those that outsource American jobs - and help small businesses grow American jobs and give tax cuts to Americans who actually need to spend it to get by, especially when they buy American made products, amirite?

someone shouldnt be punished cause they worked hard to be successfull

Easy way to save paper: Get rid of all dictionaries.... We. Have. Google. amirite?
@If the power was out you would still need Internet. Due to the power outage, Internet/google is out of reach. With...

i think if the power went out i wouldnt be looking up words in a dictionary anyway soooooo

When you're scrubbing in the shower you wash your stomach/chest area first, then arms and back and then everywhere else. amirite?

i dont have an order cause im just so bad ass

Having a dick makes you a male, not a man. amirite?

Having a footlong makes you THE man

Greyhound racing should be banned. amirite?

i think human racing should be banned

You already masturbated at least once today, amirite?

3 times =[ i am ashamed

Some people use the argument, "If someone is old enough to serve our country, they should be able to drink a beer," to show they are in favor of lowering the drinking age. What should happen is, people under the age of 21 who are/have been in the army should be able to legally consume alcohol. Everyone else can wait until they're 21, amirite?

toddlers should be walking around with a 40oz amirite?

Camping is your favorite sport, amirite?

crack is my favorite snack

Chances are that the last ice pop left in the freezer is green, amirite?

yellow is always the last to go