About me.

Hi, I'm Zakk. It's actually Zack, and if I had my way it'd be Xak, but the general populace is too stupid and won't think anywhere near Zack when they read that. Also, I'm going to do what few people do in the "About You" section and right about you(me).

First and foremost, expression being overused or not, I'm a Christian, which is hard, seeing as I'm also a realist. I'm not one of your radical/bible thumper type Christians, but I have, and will, do anything my church(my church, not any random group of Christians) asks me to do(inside rational guidelines). Unlike many Christians though, I can take a joke pointed at my faith. I will laugh if it's funny. God will understand, people, He's God, the smartest being/thing ever He knows if you're joking.

I'm respectful of other people though, so even if it's not what Christians want, I won't witness to someone unless they ask, this means that I'd appreciate it that if while reading this you think "God's not real this person's dumb," you'd keep it to yourself.

If you've been skimming through, this is the part you'd want to read, 'cause this is my personality part. I can be funny, if you give me the chance. I'm usually shy so you won't see me being loud unless I'm with a group of my friends or a select couple of them. I honestly like being in the center of attention, which is why I like me when I'm not being shy. First impressions usually leave me with a good idea of the type of person you are so I'll usually decide if I'll like you or not early on, but my opinion can change.

I'll hang out with just about anyone who's fun to talk to, and if you're shy like me I'll try to get you to open up so I can find out if you're interesting or not, and shy people tend to be more interesting in my experience(ignore the bias).

I'm seventeen, this probably belongs somewhere farther up but this is where it is. I'm also a junior in high school and I have a part time job. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I won't criticize you for doing it if it's not directly affecting others in a negative way. I do drink on occasion, but I never get hammered. I like to be in control even if it's slightly.

I used to be a skater and i think I might pick it up again one day.

My music taste is usually rock, normally nothing older than the late eighties.

I hang out with friends whenever I can, and we do a lot of different stuff from MMA fighting to vandalism type things, but in the name of The Lord, of course ;)

Outside of the MMA thing, I'm not heavy in any sports, just pick up games with friends. I still keep my body in good shape though. I exercise a lot but I have bad eating habits.

If my bio made it seem like I think I'm smart, I really don't. I'm sure I'm along the average lines of IQ. And not average in the MLIA sense.

If a new website were to come out that I really liked, I'd probably steal many creative things other people put in their bios on here and defend my "originality" to the end.

I like to help people. If you need something, anything, I'm here.

I guess that's about it for now, if you have any questions, Google it, you can find out anything that way. Or you could message me, I like talking.