I'm Gay, middle-class, not rich, but not poor, lets compromise and say "comfortable", and if we met, you might like me, but, I am quite a bit older.

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The handbook I was given stated that I had to have a woman to be happy. Boy, was that book wrong! A chance meeting with another guy proved that!

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My sex drive took a forced wrong turn back when I was in my late teens. That was when I was forced into relationships with women, none of which felt right. Just before I turned 40, I regained control and got it in the direction it should have taken right from the start! That was when I finally found my true self, and my boyfriend, who showed me that being Gay was, and is, HOT!

The last time? At 4:00 this morning, as I was going out the door to go to a coffee shop. And he/she was on my front lawn chowing down on a couple of dandilions! I live in the middel of the city, and wild rabbits are all over the place. Too, there are young ones showing up. There is a family living under my next-door neighbour's garden shed. I actually leave out some rabbit food I got for them at the pet store. They aren't bothering anything. And besides, they're kind of cute!

I tried it quite a few years ago! It was very different he first time I felt another guy's, ahem, piece, sliding into my behind. It was the hottest sex I had ever had! It hooked me right then and there!

I tried it quite a few years ago! I love it! I especially enjoy being the "bottom"!

Oh, you are so right!

I first tried anal sex a long time ago (1994). Yes, it was very different the first time I felt him going in. But, it was so hot! I love it! To me, it's as natural as a man and woman doing it!

I'm Gay all the way. I am pysically, intimately, romantically, and sexually attracted to other guys only! I have lady friends, but there is no attraction to them at all!

@StarzAbove Michael hasn't won yet, has he?

Michael retired a few years ago, and now concentrates on operating the team, and looking after his son Marco's carrer.

@StarzAbove Was that the year Andretti was trying for his fourth win?

Mario had only won once, in 1969. He had some awful bad luck there over the years. Michael's luck wasn't so good either.

@StarzAbove Did you enjoy the race?

I did! I felt sorry for Mario Andretti though. he pulled out of the pits with the fuel hose still attached, and it ripped the side of his car off. Then there was Al Unser Jr. blocking Sneva, as Senior was leading at the time. Come to think of it, I think that Al Junior's rookie year.

I was ther in 1983, the year Tom Sneva won!

I don't think that myself. From my experience, life really does start at 40, as it did for me. Well, it was about 7-months before my 40th birthday! Anyway, when I turned 40, I had finally found my real, true self, and had also met the true love of my life!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however way you look at it), I was required to get first aid training quite some time ago, due to being responsible for workplace confined spaces entry. It's a law where I live! So, by law I would have to at least try to get the person comfortable and make sure he/she wasn't hurt in any way (such as bumping their head and bleeding). If they were bleeding, I would have to at least put some kind of a compress on their wound.