You kind of wonder what people will think of this decade's fashions twenty years from now, amirite?

Museum Guide: "And these outfits here were commonly worn to formal events in the 2010's. Note the slight sagging of the pants in this suit - that was considered fashionable at the time. The leopard print of this tube dress was also considered stylish for the era.
Guy: "Man, look how high those pants go!"
Girl: "Wow, a one-piece dress! Classy!"

Q: How do you tell a rabbit from a gorilla? A: A rabbit does not look like a gorilla, amirite?

Mind. Blown.

When you are reading or listening to a story about someone doing something at home, if you've never been to their house, you imagine the story happening in your own house, amirite?

Eh, sometimes. I have the freakish ability to remember the basic layouts of the most of the houses I've ever been in, so I tend to randomly pick one and apply it to the story.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy saying that she'll miss the lion most of all right before she leaves is like making a big fart and then leaving the room. I mean what did the lion ever do, amirite?

Goodbye Big Fart!

When you watch those films where someone is strapped to a table and a burning laser slowly moves down the table towards their crotch, you can't help but cringe. amirite?

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!"

Girls: It makes you feel quite inadequate when you see a man with bigger boobs than you, amirite?

His name is Robert Paulson.

Monkeys are like humans except they throw poop at eachother. amirite?

Humans also fling shit at each other. They just do it verbally.

You used to be a bad ass pencil thief in elementary school, amirite?

Nah, I was always the kid who got their pencil stolen.

Although once I had to write my name on a paper in middle school, so I borrowed the nearest pencil (fully intending to give it back), and the girl who owned it BITCHED. ME. OUT.

You know TV shows have crossed the line when they auto-tune Barney, amirite?

And topping the charts this week is "I Love You (You Love Me) by Barn. EE.

When you're driving and a pedestrian walks infront of the car, you're all like, "stupid pedestrian!" But when you're walking in front of a car, you're all like, "Yeah, that's right, I'VE got the right of way!" Amirite?

Nah, when I'm a pedestrian, I remember how angry I get when pedestrians walk in front of me while I'm driving, and then imagine how the driver of the car is angered by my presence and fantasizing about running me over, and then get the hell out of his way.

The last two weeks of high school are pointless, amirite?

This is especially true for IB and AP kids. Our tests, which end 2 weeks before school itself ends, are our finals, so we have to come to school and sit around for 2 weeks for NOTHING. Not even review.

When reading reviews for a product online you hardly ever see any "it was ok" reviews. They're either strictly negative or positive. The product either sucks balls or it's the greatest product in the world, amirite?

Either that or 'This product was delivered to me a week late so I'm going to give it one star'.

Wearing a shirt braless will always be unattractive, amirite?

A girl with her nipples poking through her shirt is like a train wreck - you just can't look away.

The grading system in physical education should be based on effort, not athletic ability, amirite?

They graded my high school PE class according to effort/participation. People still failed.

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"Okay, I'll pay you in gold coins! All I have to do is punch-a this brick!"
punches brick