About me.

Time to rewrite this...

  • Like most of the people on this site, I am a girl. In high school. In the IB program
    -I live in Arizona. It sucks here, but at least the people here make me feel really smart.
    -I play competitive soccer. It's pretty intense. :)
    -I really, really like music. My favorite musicians include David Bowie, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury (Queen). Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton and Nirvana are all pretty great too.
    -My favorite song at the moment is Tears in Heaven. I prefer sad songs
    -Favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Zoolander, and Mean Girls :)
  • I'm not really educated about politics, but from what I can tell I'm liberal. I'm pro-choice, pro gay marraige, etc....
    -I'm Jewish
    -I'm left handed, and for some reason, very proud of that.
    -I'm learning guitar, and I also have piano, drums, and saxophone on my instruments to learn.
    -I have a special hatred of lil wayne, pitbull, and ke$ha. Why anybody would listen to their music is beyond me....
  • I'm known as the "class clown/nerd/ outgoing / music freak" girl.
  • I like acting and singing, but i'm not stellar at either of those :(
  • I really want to go to outer space, but i dont think thats ever going to happen
    -I'm excited to go to college and leave Arizona.
    So... you should definitely message me. I like getting notifications. ask me stuff, insult me, i dont care.

i'm never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down
never gonna run around
and hurt you.
-Rick Astley

Fuck bitches get money

  • Lil Wayne

Scuze me while I kiss the sky
-Jimi Hendrix