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People who say the Kindle is destroying literature are idiots. Anything that gets people reading more is better in my book, amirite?

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Pun intended?

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I agree, but hate Kindles because they take away that awesome library of books you can show off when your friends come over.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

Can't really argue with you there though I still refuse to buy one. Nothing beats the feeling of having the actual, physical book :)

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acisseJ acisseJ

In response to “Can't really argue with you there though I...

And the smell of the pages as the way the binding cracks when you first open one up.....and the atmosphere of the book store.....

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StacytheHarlot StacytheHarlot

In response to “And the smell of the pages as the way the...

I looooove the atmosphere of book stores

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acisseJ acisseJ

Except youtube comments

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MrRite MrRite

whats your book called? I just got my kindle yesterday

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Supermannn Supermannn

Even though the idea of flipping through pages of an actual book is ideal, it is environmentally sound in terms of deforestation. Plus, being able to have thousands of book on your disposal at any given time should be an amazing idea for the avid reader.

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bbhatti12 bbhatti12

In response to “Even though the idea of flipping through...

I was all like "I prefer the feel of a real book blah blah blah", but when I got my E-reader, best decision of my life, it has encouraged me to read and is so compact you can take it with you everywhere which is great because when you travel instead of bringing like 50 books and weighing down your luggage you bring a tiny little E-reader.
I think they pay for themselves, I've easily read 10-15 books on it in the last month and I didn't pay nearly as much

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Naggs Naggs

In response to “I was all like "I prefer the feel of a...

Yea, that's exactly my point. Today, I saw a 1000 page book I wanted to get. That's like small mb in terms of memory space. I like the idea of having books so cheap. It really does end up paying for itself.

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bbhatti12 bbhatti12

well anything that gets people reading is better in my I win (:

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It's not destroying literature, per se. That's pretty harsh. It's more like it's wiping out awesome places were you can sit down, get a coffee, and page through a huge collection of books. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of opening a brand new hardcover or walking through a maze of bookshelves. True story.

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Aliyah K.

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