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<b>Love means having someone to scratch your back.</b>

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<b>Is there a book that you're happy to have read?</b>
Worldwide Travel Alert For Americans
The exciting part of a Craigslist date is the possibility that I'm not coming home for a really long time. <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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<b>Would you leave your church if you got a gay pastor?</b>
<b>Can you love someone without being loved back?</b>
<b>Women are still usually hired for the position of receptionist.</b>

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<b>Where were you on 9/11?</b>

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Do you like those Keep Calm memes?
Has Anyone Thought You Were Romantically Interested In Them When You Weren't At All?
What music if any do you listen to to relax?
<b>Inflation keeps going up; why doesn't my salary?</b>
Does it bother you when people post spoilers for a TV show or movie that you haven't seen?

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Are you willing to admit that you are wrong, even when you were absolutely convinced, that you were correct, earlier? Or does your ego get in the way?

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