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Find out your friends' opinions
Name one thing you love about the ocean.
Good parent/bad parent - your call?
EEOC allows employers pay for employees health information
Do  you believe the old adage, "As your Monday starts, so shall your week end"?
Have you ever heard of this person?   Interesting story about how he relates to one of the US presidential hopefuls.

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What type of questions do you prefer, nice ones or the type you know will cause honest...
What are some optimal professions for introverts?
Have you ever met a famous/semifamous someone you admire and actually had a normal conversation or even became their friend?
Why do women face problems at work? Why is it that they always have to prove themselves for people to take them seriously at work?
Were your parents the type to tell you about the <em>birds and the bees</em> or did they just throw you a video and told you to get on with it?
What is the strongest adrenaline rush you have ever had?
What's your favorite piece of jewelry? Mine is my brass claddagh ring.

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For long time Windows users: What has been your favorite operating system and why?
Who is the sexiest movie character?
What are some ways for any single individual to actively change the world for the better? Also, who defines the "better"?
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Government traitors teaching terrorists to use weapons

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