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Will handwriting go extinct like an ancient art only practiced by a handful of people across the world?

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95% agree
5% disagree

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17% agree
83% disagree
Should basic healthcare be free?
Efficiency or laziness: Is text messeging ruining the young generations personal skills? Is the paper world coming to an end?

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70% agree
30% disagree
Do you think there should be more of visual learning or the traditional black board is better?
What do you think are the inherent differences between someone raised in the city and someone raised in a rural area?
Can a company reasonably believe they can control the social media behavior of their employees? If yes, what is a reasonable expectation?
What is logic and how to enhance it
Can we develop new senses?
Can we create new popular “Lifestyle “ via improving collective and individual consciousness using “power of the crowed “ phenomena
Is Africa now experiencing the next wave of Colonialism?
Since the Nobel Peace prize can be won on potential does it still have any value?
What are the ways to stop terrorism in the world ??
Beyond just science and religion, let's converse about the INFINITE implications of the purpose of ALL life. What does Existence stem from?
How much money is JUST enough?
How do we as young people convince people over fifty that the world will be ok in our hands?
Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and why?
Why do you want to change or "save" the world?

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