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Being drunk or stoned is absolutely NO excuse for bad behaviour.
Is this the kind of President you want?
Quiz: Time Inc. claims it has scientifically determined that republicans and democrats eat different foods.  Take this quiz and let us know how you score.
Obama, Media Go Quiet on Historic Mideast Catastrophe
Who is your Celebrity Crush?
I'm Puzzled.  Do Democrats Not Believe The Hillary Server and The Destruction Of Emails Story?  Or, Do They Not Care?
Do you have a relative or a friend who is going to make that big announcement today?
Do you remember when Bill Clinton getting a "fun time in the mouth" was your biggest concern?
Post songs using female names!!!!
Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s RACIST Remarks About Blacks  This election just keeps getting worse. Yesterday a leaked recording of Donald Trump was published that had him making troubling comments about women, and now a document dump from Wikileaks reveals the deplorable things Hillary Clinton said about black people and Muslims.  When Julian  Assange promised he had information that could affect the outcome of this election, he wasn’t kidding. We learned earlier today that in one of her Wall Street speeches worth a half of a million dollars, Hillary said her “dream” is to virtually destroy America by having a “hemispheric common market” where trade protections, tariffs, and other measures that ensure both the integrity and sovereignty of our economy would be abandoned for a world market.  After more digging into the document dump from Wikileaks, we learned Hillary is as racist as they come when she’s not under public scrutiny. A transcript from one of her speeches reveals her true feelings about both blacks and Muslims, and it’s hard to believe she actually said the things she did.............UPDATE: The above story was incorrect in saying that the quoted email was from one of Hillary Clinton’s speeches. Upon further investigation it was learned it was actually an email from the hacked account of John Podesta, her current campaign chairman.

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Our two esteemed presidential candidates were asked a question about if and how they would serve ALL the people. They BOTH began their answers by pledging that they would. Then BOTH morphed off into breaking down people by race. African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, etc. When talking about "all the people", why not just always say "ALL THE PEOPLE"?
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to weigh in on the U.S. election, and the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.
People forget that the Clinton's presided over the best economy ever since the 1940's but can that happen again or is the country just too far in debt?

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America's "toughest" sheriff may be going to prison for 6 months if/when the Department of Justice signs the papers tomorrow charging him with criminal contempt of court.  The President suffered humiliation from the sheriff's usage of taxpayer money for his "birther" vendetta against him.  And, many Latinos in Arizona suffered humiliation from the Sheriff's use of racial profiling in which the DOJ scrutinized the Sheriff for practicing. The criminal contempt charge is based on the Sheriff's practice of racial profiling. Question:  Should Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona be sent to jail?

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