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Name something that runs but has no legs

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It's a kick in the shins when someone forgets your birthday.

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Who is your favorite Italian?
<b>Is it ever a good idea to stay together for the family?</b>

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QUIZ: Are You An Oasis Of Calm Or A Volcano Of Energy?

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Have you tried keeping your thoughts to yourself?
Cross-Cultural Diversity
If you watched tonight's first Presidential Debate, who do you think won?
Art Crash: Prices down 80% from 2014 highs. Why is the emerging-art market crashing?
How unabashedly vain are you?
I think for a lot of people, their favorite thing about websites is being mad at people. Do we like the internet because we have a in-born need to be angry about something?
Why did you join a group?
Are you better at remembering (the good) or forgetting (the bad)?
Do you think money/fame can influence who goes to the top of a Transplant Organ List?
I LOVE living in America, but do you wish more people here wouldn't act as if the rest of the world is inferior?
Where would you most like to arrive in a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce?
You cannot remember the last time you used a crayon.

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