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Obama Administration Official Admits: $400 million cash payment to Iran was contingent on US prisoners’ release. Will the optics of this situation put Americans traveling overseas at greater risk of kidnapping?
Are there areas of human interaction that require no societal rules or regulations?
Are you "set in your ways"?
<b>The Duchess of Cambridge looks happiest when accompanied by Princes William and Harry.</b>

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What is your favorite Neil Diamond Song?
<b>Fashion is also going in the direction of the Burka.</b>

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<b>A groom who cries while saying his vows is a happy one.</b>

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If you worked for a company and the employees went on strike, would you cross the picket line knowing that you would be called a "scab" by your fellow employees for disrespecting them?
<b>Has the Internet contributed to World Peace?</b>
Pastor Ken Adkins of Georgia turned himself in today to the police on two alleged counts of child molestation that occurred in 2010.  This "Elmer Gantry" pastor tweeted a hateful remark about homosexuals two days after the Pulse Nightclub shootings.  Although he denies any connotation to what happened in Orlando, many accuse him that he directed his hateful Tweet to the victims in Orlando. Do you think this Pastor is a phony who uses Religion to cover up his evil deeds?
Do you have willpower? If so, where does it come from?
Are you as strong emotionally as your photos or avatar suggest?

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