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Is it O.K. to flip another man's meat?
Which TV horror comedy family was your favorite:  The Addams Family or The Munsters?
Is love one of many reasons to get married? Or is it <em>THE</em> reason to get married?
Today is National Chocolate Day.  So, will you be indulging in some chocolate today?

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I don't care who you support, the US Government has just shown that it can and will shut down the internet if something is said which makes it or one of it's chosen ones appear bad enough.
Quiz: Which Word Perfectly Describes You?
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♥ Amirite is a wonderful website. Where else could a sociopath and a masochist meet, torment each other and call it love? Amirite? ♥
Has Everyone in this Country Taken leave of their Senses?

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What habit(s) do you enjoy ( if not enjoy then are addicted to) - <em>that most people find distasteful and/or harmful to your health</em> - are you sick and tired of well-meaning friends and family on your case about?
☝ Is addiction the universe's way of telling us we are doing life wrong? Everyone is addicted to <em>something</em> that helps them to escape reality. Amirite? ☝

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Quiz: Are You a Creep?
Do you actually enjoy venison?
CNN lies again. Purposely adds the word Racial to Trump quote. CNN a joke?
It's said that,  if Trump wins the elections, there's a chance America's going to have a war within the country. On the other hand, if Hillary does, it's believed that the war will be for the whole world (pretty much WWIII). Now, I don't agree with this mostly, how about you?

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What's the busiest Interstate you have ever traveled?
Courage in danger is half the battle~Plautus

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Which one would you be, Cat or Dog?

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