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Vaping, is it a good replacement for smoking?

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Quiz: What Famous Musician Were You in a Past Life?

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I'm sick of looking on the bright side and searching for beauty everywhere. I find gloomy and ugly to be more interesting... <em>what are your thoughts?</em>
Quiz: Are you in LOVE?
Do you know the percentage that Online Trolls want to wind you up ? (if it's as high as mine was once , then maybe it's time for a re-think for your own Peace of Mind)
Do you still listen to vinyl records?
Favorite fantasy creature?
Your religion forbids you from drinking alcohol. One day you find yourself dying of thirst. The Devil offers you a bottle of booze. What would you do?
If you are an attractive woman, and you and your family were about to become back alley homeless and you needed big money fast to keep a roof over your heads would you consider prostitution to save your family?( No judgement here- just curious if you would do anything for your family hypothetically)
With the European migrant crisis, child brides have become a pressing legal question, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany.  Response has largely been local and without uniformity either across the EU or within each state.  Germany did recently pass a national measure, but individual countries and localities are still grappling with the issue.  I will post several links below for those interested, as well as an excerpt from an article highlighting that this is not just a migrant or European issue.  <em><b>I'm looking for serious discussion, please read my explanation below as well as the excerpt in the comment section.  Thank you. </b></em>   Your thoughts?
👺 What some people fail to understand is that you can’t understand all people...but sadly this lack of understanding manifests itself in prejudice, labeling and branding. <em>amirite?</em>  👺
I am always fascinated to read Forbes lists of lists the end the each year. Some are worthy, some not so much. What do you think?
Name someone who would make a better Sexiest Man Alive than the usurper Blake Shelton, who was just tyrannically imposed upon us by People Magazine
Man Ticketed $149.00 For Singing Loudly While Driving.  Do You Rock Out While Your Driving?
Post a song from your teenage years you still avidly listen to.
Charles Ingalls was a sexist, homophobic, knuckle dragging deplorable. Yet he had the capacity to care about other people. How could this be?
👰🏼 Post some things you would say if you were a marriage counselor. 👰🏼
I found an article in one of my Fitness magazines , thought it would make a good discussion.......... Some men are guilty of "pedestalization" -  the practice of putting women on pedestals and worshiping them. Alpha males call it, weakness with no self confidence, very low self esteem and an embarrassing behavior ...  Are you guilty of pedestalization?

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It's early in the month and NOVEMBER RAIN hasn't disappointed us. neither has the song. Post songs about rain or rainy days.

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