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Parents punching their child in the face is not very parent like. Amirite ?

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Have you ever gotten or won something out of pure luck? What's your random luck story?
What's the dumbest thing you have had an argument about?
Aw, Dungeness crab season is open here now. Sweetest crab meat ever. Do you like to eat crab? I love it!
Per FOX News, so this is not fake news: Trump holds off reversing ban on elephant trophy imports
Why are Aliens incapable of having any fun? I'd love to see a movie, where this particular species (thanks, Giger) just relaxes and smokes a joint, gets drunk and tries to have **** with a mail box.
Which TV family would you fancy as real life neighbours?
How can I improve my sleeping pattern (see details)?
What is the difference between wanting to become immortal and wanting to go to heaven?
How do you think your Thanksgiving will go?
Favorite solo artist
Name someone who would make a better Sexiest Man Alive than the usurper Blake Shelton, who was just tyrannically imposed upon us by People Magazine
<b>Ready Answers ?</b>    <b>*   A customer at a supermarket asked Ranjeet, the shelf packer if he could buy half a cucumber. Ranjeet, went to his boss and told him: "There is an idiot who wants 1/2 a cucumber". Unfortunately the customer had followed him and was standing right behind him. When Ranjeet realised this, he quickly added "Oh and this gentleman wants the other 1/2". Later the boss said he was very impressed by his fast thinking and asked him where he came from. "I come from Chatsworth" Ranjeet replied and quickly added "Nothing much comes from there except musicians and prostitutes." To which the boss said: "Oh really? My wife comes from Chatsworth". The quick response from Ranjeet was: "Is that so? What instrument does she play?"   </b>*    Link: http://jokes4all.net/boss-jokes?p=5
What is the last non-fiction book you read and how did you like it?
Johnny made $300,000,000 off of Pirates of the Caribbean alone.  How can that much money get squandered so quickly?
Do you still listen to vinyl records?
Quiz: How are you feeling at the change of season? What big life choices do you need to take right now?
Do you only eat when you're hungry?

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