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How much money is JUST enough?
How do we as young people convince people over fifty that the world will be ok in our hands?
Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and why?
Why do you want to change or "save" the world?
If ignorance is bliss, is bliss ignorance?
What can a terrorist / gang organization offer me that I'm not getting from everyday life?
If you were incharge of preventing the world from going through a mass extinction of life on Earth what would you do & are you willing to it
How much do you think your thoughts and feelings affect your cellular health?
Is it OK to lie for a good cause?
How do you stay motivitaed and inspired
The Universe is expanding and accelerating. Into where if the Universe is all we can see and contains all matter that we know of?
For you, what are the best schools around the world which have on your program a purpose for learning revolution?
If evolutionary success is analogous with reproductive success, why do men not live longer than women?
What is one thing holding Canada back from fulfilling its potential?
Is societies' view on sports harmful?
How do we break out?
Has cancer become a source of revenue, as opposed to a crippling disease?
Is the Hydrogen Economy a Pipe Dream?
How do we counsel our children and grandchildren to accept a lower (different?) standard of living?
SO, if the universe is increasingly getting faster and further, shouldn't time be slowing down?
Dark Matter. What is it?
What if everyone believed that they could change the world?

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