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"Colorado just seems to be looking for opportunities to punish me for my faith." – Jack Phillips
Instrumental songs have always been some of my favorites. You can replace lyrics with simple instrumentals. Post some of your favorite instrumental songs.
It's "family reunion" time again for my family.   How about you, does your family have a reunion, if so, how do you feel about them?
What would you do ?
Do you have a hero?   Post a hero, or a song pertaining to heroes.

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Post a song with the word belong in the title
Many scientists would rather be wrong than uncertain. Science advances because supporters of old theories die and are replaced by supporters of new theories. In the meantime, many scientists support their theories by insulting the opposition and sabotaging their grants, rather than refuting their science.

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Would you ride a roller coaster, that was designed to kill you?
Thought experiment... You have the option of going back to the year 1889 and drown baby Adolf Hitler.  Do you do it?
I sure miss Chuck_Tom, he was great contributor on this site and good friend, add OzSurfer and Sukie to the mix as well. Who do you miss that's no longer on here?
What would make you freak out if you lost it?

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