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True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. -Socrates

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What in your life is too damn complicated?
What part(s) of our bodies don't we need?
The minds acts like an enemy if you could not control it.....

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What initials scare you the most?
From homeless stray to the most decorated dog of the Great War.
How Patient are You?
If you could be an animal, instead of your overly civilized human being self, which one would you choose to be? I'm thinking of a bear. A big, no-nonsense greyback. I'm not a pack animal and I already have a hyena as a pet.
What (if anything) makes you giggle like you are a young child again?
Love is never having to compromise your values to appeal to someone else. <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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Who makes the final decision as to who becomes a moderator on this site?   Anyone know for sure?
Are zeppelins going to replace cars in the near future?
"The Little Guy"  A small store owner was being pressured to sell his store to the owners of a large department store who had bought every building on the block, except his. Frustrated by the man's refusal to sell, they eventually opened their huge store on either side of the small one, with a big banner running from one side to the other, proclaiming in huge letters "GRAND OPENING". Below it, across the front of his small store, the man put up a small banner over his door: "MAIN ENTRANCE"   Link: As told by

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