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What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken? Was it yours or did it belong to someone else?
Ever notice how the addition of just a few words can change the meaning of a sentence for you? "I petted my cat in the sunshine" vs "I petted my cat, right in the sunshine."
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✌️ Most happy people are nice. Most nice people are happy. If you're not happy, try being nicer. Worth a shot. Amirite? ✌️
💕 How many people know you? I mean really know you. Beyond your favorite color, favorite book, or favorite song. Who knows what lurks in the depths of your mind, what captivates your soul, and why? Who knows your passions? Your fears? Your desires? 💕
❇️  One door closes, another opens - but there is always that horrible hallway in between. Amirite?  ❇️

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Post a song about someone feeling slightly neglected

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Quiz: How Ethical Are Your Thoughts In A Modern Society?
🦈 Have you ever lied during a job interview? 🦈
California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution
If there is one person who will take on Trump if it isn't in the best interest of Canada ... it's Trudeau. One of the most outspoken Prime Minister since his dad Pierre Trudeau.
<b>Are you more of a state patriot rather than a country patriot?</b>
Quiz: Are You Going To Heaven or Hell?
🦋 My local store has been selling me defective lottery tickets for the longest time. I've had it. This time I'm taking them back if I don't win. Amirite? 🦋

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🎃 Beware of friends who disappear when you need them the most and people who say “human flesh tastes like chicken." Amirite? 🎃
Post a song with the word kill in the title
"DIFFICULTY BREATHING, LOSS OF VISION, LIVER DISEASE, HEART FAILURE, And, IN SOME CASES, DEATH WAS REPORTED": Which Would You Rather Risk? The Complications Of The Malady Itself Or The Scary Side Effects Of The Advertised Meds That Are Out There Which Supposedly Treat It?

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