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Could you be celibate the rest of your life?
If you were forced to watch either The Oscars or The Razzies... which would you choose?
☕️ I'm starving. I think I'll have another cup of coffee. Do this sound like you? ☕️
When hitting the gym what is your favorite thing to do there?
Those who live in houses of gold are poor allies to the common folk...

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Being objective on the internet is a great way to make enemies. Acknowledge one point, and they love you. Acknowledge the other point, and they hate you. As far as I'm concerned, fickle people can go away.

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💋 In the world of Amirite, blocked and reported are two of my favorite compliments..amirite! 💋
😍 😘 For a lot of people relationships are just finding the people who can forgive you the most...amirite? 😍 😘
Remember the "good ol' days"? What about those times is best left in the past?

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What should you be doing today but you're not going to?
Crime increasing in California after prison reform
<b>Being in the moment...and staying in the moment takes work.</b> <em>Amirite?</em>

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RIP Bill Paxton, age 61.
🎯 Said the wrong thing, put your foot in it? Now what do you do? 🎯
<b>According to a rich client...what is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion....</b>
🐌 It is easy to give the benefit of a doubt when you have no shortage of doubts..amirite? 🐌

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