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I Snapped This Pic Minutes Before Sunrise Today Of Main Street In Salt Lake. I Really Like All The Beautiful Lighting Downtown During The Holiday Season. Does Your City Or Town Light Up During December? If So, Please Post A Pic
Like oil & water or a bad diet & exercise... what else doesn't mix well?
Which of our 5 senses is the most important is a debatable point as far as the individual is concerned. As for humankind as a whole, which sense is <em>absolutely</em> the most important?
<b>Are you more comfortable with your own kind (you know what I mean)...or are you more comfortable in a diverse community?</b>
<b>A post close to my heart...</b> Does anyone online here have a close interest in the art of Pendulums? <em>Only say it if it's serious.</em>

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Each day we live is a Gift...so thank GOD in the morning for another day of life and thank GOD in the evening for getting you through the day.
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Recreational Drugs?
✤ <em>Stop taking selfies at the zoo. Those animals have a sad enough life as it is. Amirite?</em> ✤
Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Quiz About Marine Animals?
✪ <em>Do you welcome newbies to Amirite by following them</em>? ✪
Quiz: Which TV Family Should You Eat Thanksgiving With?
☠ <em>Your words mean nothing when your actions scream indifference. Amirite?</em> ☠
Quiz: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. How much do you know?
I've always heard: "Love is blind"...What do you think?

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✮ Stephen Hawking Puts An Expiry Date On Humanity. ✮

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✏ Past or present, do you know someone who is a horrible influence in your life? ✏
It's a good idea to put a preschool or kindergarten in an old folks home. They'll teach other a lot and just have fun reading and fingerpainting together. <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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🍓 The secret to life is enjoying stupid moments like falling on your face while going up the stairs. Amirite? 🍓

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