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Quiz: How Much of a Pessimist Are You?
<b>Do you measure twice?</b> <em>Measuring can be riddled with anxiety...especially if it needs to fit perfectly...</em>

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Happy February everyone....where did January go?
<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5n447GRTCsU?modestbranding=1&wmode=opaque&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Most of us has made a purchase that we later found ourselves saying "what was I thinking...What is your biggest purchase regret?
☮️The strong and powerful women on here inspire fight, laughs, compassion, kindness and I love you all. On life's long walk, may your undies never bunch up and your thighs not chafe. Does anyone remember fun posts?☮️
Where is that UFO that dumped all these stupid people on Earth? :-):-)
Do you ever get the feeling the world is trying to tell you something?
♋️Unless you are being paid for it, what is the point in posting naked pictures of yourself online?♋️
So I like to have fun...Let's play a board or card game...You get to bring your favorite game & I will provide the snacks...What are we playing?
A Saudi Prince Just Paid For His 80 Falcons To Fly On A Commercial Flight.
What is the fattest fat & calorie filled food ya love to munch on?
Do you enjoy some type of noise when falling asleep or do you prefer silence?
What is your least favorite part of moving to a new home?
🛑 People only see what they want to see. This site is living proof. Amirite? 🛑
<b>You say you are "old school"...which I suspect you trot out to support your gravitas.</b> <em>Good try...but there is just half of "old school" about you.</em>

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🐝 I tell ya, nothing in life prepares you for being called ma'am. Amirite? 🐝
<b>How do you know you're a crazy cook?</b> <em>You use the fire alarm as a timer...:)</em>

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What's a movie about "European History" that you enjoy?
Where Is Janet Taking You Part 1?
<b>Men are chefs. Women are cooks.</b> <em>Still not much change after all these years.</em> <b>Amirite?</b>

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