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Demi Lovato is by far the best Disney star, singing wise. amirite?

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I personally prefer Baloo.

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DandyFuzz DandyFuzz


I personally prefer Baloo.

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DandyFuzz DandyFuzz

In response to “I personally prefer Baloo.

Baloo was the best!!

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x22 x22

In response to “Baloo was the best!!

Too right.

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DandyFuzz DandyFuzz

In response to “I personally prefer Baloo.

Ahahaha, you win mister! :D

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Icel Icel

In response to “Ahahaha, you win mister! :D

Mister?! hahahahaha.

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DandyFuzz DandyFuzz

In response to “Mister?! hahahahaha.

Oh, I'm sorry. Unicorn*

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Icel Icel

Hillary Duff...DUH!

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I prefer ally and AJ

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ballet_apocalypse ballet_apocalypse

I don't know. She has a better voice but the Jonas Brothers used to have better music

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Aphrodite Aphrodite

too bad shes also a coke addict...

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selena gomez.

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Annelisa Van Der Pool all the way. By far the best singer, to bad Disney didn't adopt her as one of their pets.

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In response to “She was amazing!

It was like she just dropped off the face of the earth... I guess Disney just couldn't stand having a wholesome girl who could sing well without an autotuner.

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In response to “It was like she just dropped off the face of...

In all fairness she was kind of there before the era of EVERY DISNEY ACTRESS = SINGER, and she's probably kind of old for it now. Still it's a shame that she's pretty much disapeared.

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