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The kids, who in Extreme Makeover Home Edition get an extravagant theme bedroom, is going to hate it in a few years, when they lose their passion for e.g. monkeys, amirite?

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My friends and I were discussing this today. When the kids grow out of their rooms the parents are going to have to buy them all new furniture, which they can't afford in the first place.

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My friends and I were discussing this today. When the kids grow out of their rooms the parents are going to have to buy them all new furniture, which they can't afford in the first place.

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well although they may grow out of it but when your that poor you live with it and when you see the 14-17 year olds just mezmorized it lets you know they wont get tired of it

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omg i think about this every time i watch that show!

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The worst part is although you have this awesome house, you're still poor, and you still have to pay taxes on it.

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me and my mom always talk about that! i mean, i'm sure the teenagers will still like it, but the littler kids won't always. :| i'm glad someone else thought of that too xD

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Well that- and the electricity bills that come with the house.

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In response to “Well that- and the electricity bills that...

I always wonder if the show pays the bills and car payments for all the stiff they give them, otherwise the people wouldn't be able to live in the house given to them.

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I've also seen them force a theme on to kids beacuse of something they were advertising. Once the show was advertising the Horton Hears A Who movie. They were asking a 7 year old girl what she would like as a theme and they found Horton Hears A Who on her bookshelf. They asked if she liked it and she said yes so they gave her a Horton room to advertise the movie. Wonder how long that will last.

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A Person

I don't like that show because first of all, I think about the "growing out of their room their room" thing, second because the show is getting more and more about advertizing and less about helping people, and third because the builders don't even think about the people living in the house. Like someone said, taxes and energy bills and I saw one episode where the house was built in New Hampshire. The house was HUGE with lots of empty space and high celings! That's going to equal a Giant heating bill. And the was no mud room. In New Hampshire, Your house MUST have a mud room. It's essential. It just shows that they arn't even thinking about the families' circumstance and environment.

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In response to “I don't like that show because first of all...

i live in NH and am just fine without a mudroom.

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In response to “i live in NH and am just fine without a mudroom.

Well then I'm sorry if the ground in your part of New Hampshire is covered with saran wrap, but where I lived, if you didn't have a space to wipe muddy boots, hang up soggy coats and to store dirty shoes, umberellas and mud boots, your house would turn into a giant mud puddle.

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TOO MANY COMMAS! but yes, you are right.

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MotherRucker MotherRucker

omg i have always been totally annoyed by that. I mean the 14 year olds get rooms they can stick with but the 4 and 5 year olds get like playground rooms or ballerina rooms or jungle rooms or whatever and in a couple years they won't want that and their parents can't get them anything else! plus how do those families pay for the mortgage on their houses????

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they wouldn't have a morgage because the house was already paid for by the show. And usually they give the family money to help them too.

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yeah the show pays for a lot of their bills

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