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"We don't need science! God made us the way he wanted, we shouldn't question it!" If it weren't for science, we would still think the Earth was flat, we would still think the Earth was the center of the universe, and you would probably be dead from pneumonia. amirite?

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Since when do people who believe in God say we don't need science?

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Except for Nuclear Bombs and guns.

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Whutsurnaym Whutsurnaym

Since when do people who believe in God say we don't need science?

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I, being a Christian, believe that, as much as God respects the hard-working man, he wants us to prosper and make hard work easier for us. What would've taken hours for people a hundred years ago, we can achieve in five or ten minutes! God wants that for us. He doesn't want us to suffer (suffer in modern society. Suffering a few hundred years ago was alot worse than nowadays). But, I fear that we may be using our knowledge for worse, like what Whutsurnaym said. We are destroying our world as much as helping it. I don't believe the Lord intended that for us.

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Lazynez Lazynez

No one in the church says this. Do some research.

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2Infinity 2Infinity

Seirously, since when do Christians say "We don't need Science."?

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I'm a Christian and I'm a scientist. Just sayin

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I am a very strong Christian, and I agree with this, and have actually heard people make the implied statement. While I do agree that we wouldn't know these things, I can't help but wonder: why do we need to know it?

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I'm a Muslim and I agree that science is wonderful and the world is a better place because of it. Some of the world's earliest scientists and mathematicians were Muslim. But there is one thing I disagree with:
"If it weren't for science, we would still think the Earth was flat, we would still think the Earth was the center of the universe..."
Actually, it's mentioned in the Koran that the Earth is not flat and that it orbits the Sun.

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fyi God created science

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In response to “fyi God created science

A lack of science created god

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donpatch donpatch

In response to “A lack of science created god

how does science explain the concpet of a god?

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