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People who wonder why God lets bad things happen to good people have clearly never played The Sims. amirite?

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Haha I ruined my friend's marriage on The Sims 2... I made her have an affair with the maid, the female maid. I can't wait until her husband Taylor Lautner finds out. XD

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Olivia123 Olivia123


Ha, its fun to put them in a small room with no doors. Then they die. Mine had a glitch one, my sim got hit by a bus and died.

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or taking out the ladder in the pool >:)

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Julian Julian

Or setting off firecrackers in the house. And then when you try to make them run away they just keep coming back to the fire so they can scream about it until they catch on fire.

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Haha I ruined my friend's marriage on The Sims 2... I made her have an affair with the maid, the female maid. I can't wait until her husband Taylor Lautner finds out. XD

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Olivia123 Olivia123

It's really funny when you keep them away from bathroom's, so they go in the street!

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i get mine really angry, then make them cook using the stove :D

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CarmelFuzzy CarmelFuzzy

I just like watching them drown :D

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wow you people are twisted.

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smokebluntsfuckcunts smokebluntsfuckcunts

so god's an evil jerk who likes to torture us? Or are you saying he's too incompetent to be able to look after us? I thougt he was supposed to be able to do anything.

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In response to “so god's an evil jerk who likes to torture...

They're saying you kinda play god in the Sims and that it's a little bit fun to make them die...sometimes...and yes it does sound horrible, but it's kinda true.

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In response to “so god's an evil jerk who likes to torture...

They're being FUNNY, They're not implying anything about the true nature of God. Don't turn to a religious discussion.

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muahahaha. i love doing twisted things in the sims. i tried to make an evil experiment where 5 kids were locked in one room together without doors, but apparently the sims has some sense of moral responsibility because the social worker came and took them away right as they were on the brink of death.

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In response to “muahahaha. i love doing twisted things in the...

Lol. At least someone's looking out for these poor Sims :D

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I like to watch my sims get struck by lightning. its really funny. =)

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it's because eve ate the apple from that tree, God tests us to make sure we follow are conscience!

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AshleeCortess AshleeCortess

Dropping a satellite on their heads. Especially when you line about 10 of them up and do it all at once. It's AMAZING.

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