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I think as you get older you begin to lose your common sense, not get more

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In response to “I think as you get older you begin to lose...

That's completely backwards. Common sense is everyday knowledge you gather as you live your life. The phrase "you learn something new everyday" is true and the older you get, the more little tidbits of knowledge you have. This is why old people are known as being wise.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “That's completely backwards. Common sense is...

not all old people are wise
and I meant like, once when I was little my teacher was explaining what common sense was. She said, "Something that is so stupid that you wouldn't even think about doing it, like... riding a bike with a kitten on your head." But my point is that as you get older you do crazier and crazier things. Like as a 5 year old I wouldn't dare try to jump from my roof to my pool, but I knew a guy who recently did it just because he wanted to. I was just trying to say that sometimes common sense doesn't matter.

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In response to “not all old people are wise and I meant like...

I'm assuming the guy who jumped from the roof into the pool was a teenager or a young adult. That doesn't mean he's lacking common sense, it means he's going through that stage in life where people choose to ignore their common sense. Your teacher's example sucks. Nobody would ride a bike with a kitten on their head.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “I'm assuming the guy who jumped from the roof...

Yeah he was.
I didn't mean like 80 year olds would be jumping off of cliffs.
And yeah I know nobody would do that. That's what she was saying.

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I don't really understand how common sense is prejudice. Who/what are you being prejudiced against when you have the common sense to bring an umbrella out into the rain so you stay dry?

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Common sense =/= should be practically opposite, don't you think? Unless I'm misinterpreting the definition of prejudice.

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