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People seem to confuse skinny and pretty, amirite?

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Ok i get it. They're trying to say every pretty person doesn't have to be skinny and every skinny person isn't always going to be pretty. I guess that's true......

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So damn true. Glad I heard this from someone else.

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In response to “So damn true. Glad I heard this from someone else.

My basic point is that people seem to think that thinner people are beautiful, regardless to their actual beauty.

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BUT most people don't find fat people to be attractive so there is some truth to the misconception.

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In response to “BUT most people don't find fat people to be...

No, people that are labeled overweight tend to sometimes have really full figures, just because they are overweight doesn't mean they don't sometimes have nice bodies.
on the other hand, people that are underweight rarely have nice bodies, because they look really unhealthy and like skeletons.
plus, really skinny people who have problems have so much emotional baggage.

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In response to “No, people that are labeled overweight tend...

Overweight people who have problems also have emotional baggage. There's really no difference.

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In response to “Overweight people who have problems also have...

its not good to be over or underweight, i suppose. end of story.

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I'm not talking a few pounds overweight, I mean that most people would not think that a 5'7" woman who weighs 220 lbs is hot. And I think that the skeleton people who you are talking about are just as bad, if not worse. But you can't seriously think that skinny people (only a little underweight) ALL have emotional baggage.

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Wow. I find this rather messed up.

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It's kind of true though. It's easier to be attracted to a skinny girl than a fat one. Girls are meant to be smaller than men, and nobody wants to get squashed...
Ugly face but nice body? Sure, i'd go for it.

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But skinny people can be pretty too. I'm skinny, not because of any unhealthy eating habits, but it's just just in my genes. I wouldn't consider myself really pretty, but I don't think I'm that ugly either. But people with eating disorders who are disgustingly, abnormally skinny aren't pretty...that's just messed up.

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Ok i get it. They're trying to say every pretty person doesn't have to be skinny and every skinny person isn't always going to be pretty. I guess that's true......

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I assume your fat then?

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No, I'm not fat not by a long shot. It's annoying when models have to be size 0 when it's disgustingly thin. There is nothing wrong with being a size 4 and nothing wrong with being a size 8. In the fashion world size 6 is plus size which is totally ridiculous. It seriously effects young girls who aspire to be like that when it is not healthy. I mean would you rather be with a size 6 girl who has some curves but isn't obese or a size 0 girl who is all bones?
That's my point. There is beauty in both but you don't have to be skinny to be pretty and not all skinny people are pretty.

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itstotallybea itstotallybea OP

In response to “No, I'm not fat not by a long shot. It's...

so are you saying anyone over size 6 is obese?

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

@itstotallybea Bravo!
@KatKatKat consider yourself owned.

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Amidst all of this, where has all that preaching of "everyone's beautiful in their own way no matter what" and internal beauty and all that??
Ya know. I was wonderin. Cuz everybody is talkin about skinny/fat people being pretty/ugly.

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