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At least once in your life you fell to your knees, threw out your arms, looked up at the darkened stormy sky and screamed "NOOOOO!!!!!" at the top of your lungs while lightning and thunder raged and the pouring rain soaked you through your clothes, amirite?

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It's more like pretending that my hand just have been chopped off by a lightsaber and Darth Vader tells me he is my father and then i yell out a NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!. But your way is bound to happen too.

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DaughterOfHanSolo DaughterOfHanSolo

In response to “It's more like pretending that my hand just...

Well as long as you've had a dramatic "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" moment, that's all that matters!

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Jax OP

.. I wish.

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In response to “.. I wish.

I really was going to say that haha =D

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Princess_Peach Princess_Peach


This is my weekly sunday activity.

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THis post needs and "I wish" button.

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i haven't but i want to now.

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asrasul asrasul

No, but I've stood in the rain naked. It wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

no... but it sounds like fun...

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*you have fallen to your knees, thrown out your arms*

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soccerfan soccerfan

That sounds gay

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No, but I'm definitely thinking I should at one point.

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makeup_nerd makeup_nerd

Haha! I just did that for a film project a few days ago.

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TheBlindMan TheBlindMan

Sadly no, but that'd be so awesome to get the occasion hahaah.

+11 Reply

anneso53 anneso53

That will complete my life.

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No, but I need a moment that would truly work for that situation. That would automatically make the situation epic, no matter what it is. (Unless someone dies or something. But seroiusly, something like that shouldn't count.)

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Emy Emy

LOLgasm :D

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*Adds to bucket list*

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Rainboots Rainboots

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