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The world champ was already given to Anne Frank.. Just sayin.

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Never? But I love offensive humor!

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

Brb goin to walmart

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

In response to “Brb goin to walmart

Mission complete

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

In response to “Brb goin to walmart

I was joking too. I would have been serious if I wanted an image.

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OnePiecepkmn OnePiecepkmn

That reminds me. I saw a magazine at Walmart that had the words ''33 years of heartache over Missing child found.'' and I was shocked. I didn't think police actually looked for missing people then again the police in my town are worthless because they look for everybody from missing kid to FBI's most wanted for less than 10 minutes. I also wondered why it took over 3 times the years to find some kid than it did to find Osama bin Laden and why people searched that long.

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In response to “That reminds me. I saw a magazine at Walmart...

I'm assuming you're talking about Etan Patz.
It was what, 1976, he was about 5 or 6 years old. Went to the bus stop by himself for the first time and never showed up. There weren't security cams everywhere (or hardly any technology at all that we used to find Osama), it was early in the morning, no witnesses, and the killer refused to come up until like 2 weeks ago.

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tyreeshajones tyreeshajones

In response to “That reminds me. I saw a magazine at Walmart...

I didn't read the article so it was probably Etan Patz. Thanks though for the information so I am not ignorant on the situation.

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The world champ was already given to Anne Frank.. Just sayin.

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