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Purple/grape candy is really nasty, amirite?

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I hate grape flavoured candy because it tastes like the grape flavoured cough syrup my parents used to give me when I was little. XS It ruined grape candy for me.

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StarlinK StarlinK


I hate grape flavoured candy because it tastes like the grape flavoured cough syrup my parents used to give me when I was little. XS It ruined grape candy for me.

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StarlinK StarlinK

Except purple skittles! Those are the best. But all other purple/ "grape" flavoured candy/popsicles taste like nasty cough medicine.

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Exactly! It's nauseating and tastes like medicine!

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Ram27 Ram27

the only grape flavored "candy" i will eat is big league chew...yum

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It reminds me of Grape chewy Tylenol. Not good memories.

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It was just at 0, with 262 for and 262 against. Best day of my life.

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I'm defying every law by YYA'ing and being black. ;D

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

ESCUSE ME?! Has anyone here tried Hai-Chu? The grape flavour of that is AWESOME.

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especially jolly ranchers

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

The worst amount of taste is the purpleness of candy.

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Not really nasty, they just taste nothing like grapes.

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Nope, I really enjoy grape candy.

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StephenB StephenB

Tis alright to me.

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Dami Dami

I love artificial grape flavoring!!

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Ms_Kris Ms_Kris

I happen to like grape.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

Fake grape flavouring, or indeed any fake fruit is disgusting (except fake banana, that stuff is awesome.) Fake grape is one of the worst because all it does is make me think of that nasty medicine from when I was a kid.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet Thedudeyouhatetomeet

Purple jelly beans are acceptable, just not my faves...

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Fyrefox Fyrefox

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