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Just cause they're called Skinny Jeans, doesnt mean they make you look skinny, amirite?

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They don't look too good on really skinny chicks either...they're best on curvy girls on the skinny side :)

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haha. i have this kinda overweight girl at my school. and she said " I am toooootally rocking these skinnies." so i said " no your not, they just make you look really overweight."

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In response to “haha. i have this kinda overweight girl at my...

wow. You sound like sort of a ****. You don't need to ruin her self esteem..

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Igpay_Atinlay Igpay_Atinlay

ewwwww, how bout we stick with the "skinny jeans for skinny - moderate chubby" rule, and let the overweight girls stick with the stretch ?

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WhaddupLace WhaddupLace


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Fat girls have feelings too ):, and guys I guess. But fat guys normally don't wear skinny jeans.

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you'll be surprised a friend of mine dated this sort of overweight emo chick that wore only skinny jeans, she looked alright, once he saw her in her p.j pants she went from sort of overweight to Woah where'd that gut come from. i guess it has a lot to do with the person too though, another friend is average weight but when she wears skinny jeans her gut spills over her jeans and her but looks HUGE but she doesn't listen when i let her now..

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haha, definately! for some reason the fattest girls decide to wear them for whatever unknown reason, very unappealing

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Haha. More like not so skinny jeans. Lol

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Hunter_Paige Hunter_Paige

Your original (:

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Personally I think skinny jeans makes the wearers legs look like toothpicks. Unattractive! Regardless of a persons weight.

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Abby Abby

i would thin only people that think there emo or goth no offence but iv seen it

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Awwhs, I finally got 1000 "Yeah you are" <3 thankyou!

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I want to agree, but right now its +1111 and I don't wanna ruin it :)

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KitKat13 KitKat13

Skinny jeans are for SKINNY people.

They should make special jeans for only FAT people to wear.
it's disturbing to see semi fat-fat people wearing SKINNY jeans.

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In response to “Skinny jeans are for SKINNY people. They...

I don't think fat jeans would catch on as much...

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Almost 2000 people! <3

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Skinny jeans make everyone look fat, regardless of actual weight.
They were ugly in the 80's and they're ugly now. Quit wearing them, freaks.

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LMAO. Exactly. i have a HUGE friend that wears them all the time, the guys almost puke.

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In response to “LMAO. Exactly. i have a HUGE friend that...

you're nice

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They don't look too good on really skinny chicks either...they're best on curvy girls on the skinny side :)

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Instead of skinnies they should be called "OMGlookatthatbeachedwhal-ies"

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I REFUSE to wear skinny jeans and I think a lot more people should. I'm not overweight. My "gut" doesn't hang out or nothing. It just that I am pretty short for my age (5'3) so they make me look super short and they make my butt look huge. I CAN ADMIT THAT. I wish other people could :) it would make my eyes happy.

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Thaina Thaina


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I'll stick to my boot leg jeans.

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Just because there is a pause in the sentence doesn't mean you need a comma there.
Also, lay off the hatin'. It's one thing if you don't agree with someone's muffin top, it's another to be a **** and discuss it online with total strangers.

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I have a strong feeling you got this idea from Hannah Montana.

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

WTF???? Why does everyone hate on skinnies? I myself look pretty good in them. And thats not my ego talking.

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In response to “WTF???? Why does everyone hate on skinnies? I...

theeeen you must not be fat. i only wear skinny jeans and i'm 5'4" 120 lb, on the curvier side, but i get compliments on them all the time.

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If you are skinny, skinny jeans make you look even skinnier.
If you are fat, skinny jeans make you look even fatter.
I'm very skinny so i kinda stopped wearing them to look a little less skinny xD

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fat people who wear skinny jeans look twice as fat because the you can see that the jeans are TOO tight/skinny and it just emphasizes the fatness of said fat person.

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Actually the purpose of skinny jeans are to create a slimming effect. It doesn't always work for everyone, but there are bigger girls who wear them and look all right; their legs actually do look slimmer. You'll see them in normal jeans, that maybe flare out a bit at the bottom, and they make the girls look way bigger. Obviously though, some girls get ones that are much to tight and it has the opposite effect ;(

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Exactly, they're skinny jeans not make you skinny jeans.
They're all i wear, they're all im comfortable in actually, but they actually fit my body type.

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Linds Linds

If you have to cut yourself out, don't wear them. It's always weird to see people that are so skinny, that leggings and skinny jeans are actually baggy on them...

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Julian Julian


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bad image

I love how catty people are regarding others' weight. It's kind of sad.

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how does this get so many votes

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Sunny_D Sunny_D

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