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You can't breathe and swallow at the same time, amirite?

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actually you can, thats why when people choke say that their food/drink went down the wrong tube, because they were beathing and swallowing at the same time.

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In response to “(hello)

I feel ashamed that I understand this. :D

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It's sad that I actually just tried doing this.

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chick chick

In response to “As did I haha

Hahaha. And did it work?

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chick chick

In response to “Hahaha. And did it work? hahah

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deathcabforkaydee deathcabforkaydee

In response to “ hahah

Haha either. I just tried doing it again? wtf haha. Didn't work the 2nd time either :L

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chick chick

Actualy noo. That's not true at all. That happens when you swallow too much air when you swallow your food/drink. It makes too much pressure and you start to get food stuck.

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thats called choking :D

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only babies can because they have shorter necks... at least that's what i learned in bio... when something goes down the wrong tube it literally goes down the wrong tube into the larynx instead of the esophagus so you start coughing so it doesnt go into your lungs

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No shit, Sherlock. Did you discover that on your own? Or did you have someone test it?

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Flexi Flexi

babies can actually do this.

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its because the epiglottis can only be one way at once. and to the people who said choking is the same thing as breathing and swallowing, swallowing means it was successfully transported to the stomach via esophagus, not the bronchial tube.

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