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Nobody :(
****! now c'mon that made you feel just a little awkward, amirite?

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I feel more awkward that this made the homepage.

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Truuninja Truuninja


Maybe if you're 13.

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Rebel Rebel

In response to “Maybe if you're 13.

I'm thirteen. Didn't make me feel awkward :/

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In response to “I'm thirteen. Didn't make me feel awkward :/

Ha, I'm TWELVE and I'm okay

+55 Reply

MachoCheez MachoCheez

In response to “Maybe if you're 13.

No, more like 12 or less.

+341 Reply

littlewonder littlewonder

I feel more awkward that this made the homepage.

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Truuninja Truuninja

Not at all. I'm not immature :)

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reddead reddead

Not as awkward as you must feel after realizing how dumb this post is

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Koozie Koozie

Haha not me, but you should see the 6th graders in the class I aid.. They're learning about sexual reproduction and their expressions are hilarious. They either turn bright red, giggle, hide behind their hair or all three. :)

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littlewonder littlewonder

Heehee. It's at -169

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TheMaineDestinee TheMaineDestinee

****! That must have made the OP insecure about not having any :P

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BronySystem BronySystem

Whats more awkward is the fact that you thought this would be awkward...

+55 Reply

RaShEllllA RaShEllllA

im 12 and wat is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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confused 12 yr old

I blushed and looked down: then again I am shy as hell.

-22 Reply


About ****, I am shy, i am.

-22 Reply


I'm immature and have a dirty mind but this was stupid. Hehehe dirty ;)

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Not after becoming a regular visitor of this site, no.

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I_Hate_Underscores I_Hate_Underscores

No, not particularly. Maybe say it to a nine year old?

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