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Guys love a girl more if she likes pokemon, amirite?

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Not if she likes the 3rd generation the best.

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Correction: guy love girls who put out on first date.

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My girl does. :]

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Not if she likes the 3rd generation the best.

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it depends if she's hot...

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Brett Brett

This is way too mlia-ish for me...

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In response to “This is way too mlia-ish for me...

Yeah... I don't like pokemon anymore.

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brigitteee3 brigitteee3

I wouldn't know, but it's a good thing if they do ;)

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I'm so embarrassed to like it because I'm a girl, which is why I posted anonymous =]

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Oops I realized you can't post anonymous from your iPod touch. Well thats embarrassing...

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In response to “Oops I realized you can't post anonymous from...

ChayBread posted this...d'you mean commented anonymously?

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Oops, yeah, comment anonymously, not post

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In response to “Oops, yeah, comment anonymously, not post

Strawberryjam? More like strawberry BLONDE!

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In response to “Strawberryjam? More like strawberry BLONDE!

Strawberry Blonde? For your information, I have BROWN hair and I'm in the gifted school program, for ADVANCED people. =)

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In response to “Strawberry Blonde? For your information, I...

You GO girl, do yo thang!

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WhatWhatintheButt WhatWhatintheButt

In response to “You GO girl, do yo thang!

just proving a point =]

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im a girl & i have loved pokemon since i was 8 & its really **** me off that people are now starting to like it but theyve never played the game or watch the movies or episodes. & theyre saying they love it -.-

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I'm a Pokemon geek.

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Gen C.

I actually built a friendship around a love for pokemon, now my good friend James are inseperable. This girl Kelly, whom I recently met, is a bit of a noob to the pokemon world. We started talking when my friend Matt and I, whom I met over pokemon and card games, were trading. That reminds me, I'm supposed teach her about the competitive level of play tommorow! How am I going to explain EV spreads, Tiers, Proper Movesets, Ect. without acsess to Smogon! Well, if I don't post this now, I'm going to keep rambling about how pokemon is about 90% of my social life. You deserve a cookie for reading this whole thing!

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I've liked pokemon since I was 7, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. I still have a ton of pokemon stuff in my room and I'm 14 now. I hope this post is true :P

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3point1415pie 3point1415pie

Trust me. As a guy, who knows a lot of other guys, this is DEFINITELY not true. If she likes CoD or other video games, then she earns that spot.

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reddead reddead

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