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What you want to be "when you grow up" is directly related to what you're reading, watching on TV, or your favorite movie at that time, amirite?

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I just came back from seeing Harry Potter. I am going to be an Auror when I grow up.

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Dirait_on Dirait_on


I just came back from seeing Harry Potter. I am going to be an Auror when I grow up.

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Dirait_on Dirait_on

My favorite movie is about Saturday detention, my favorite book is about talking animals and communism, and the T.V. show I'm currently watching is about a vampire slayer.


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Rainbows Rainbows

In response to “My favorite movie is about Saturday...

Is your favorite book Animal Farm?

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LittleRed LittleRed

In response to “Is your favorite book Animal Farm?

Ding, ding, ding! You win a correct guess.

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Rainbows Rainbows

My favorite movie EVER is Ferris Bueller. Em, I believe I like that career.

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Fabs Fabs

I just saw a movie in the theater and everything I've done since has been really dramatic. Yep, I'm gonna be an actress some day...

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belizandy belizandy

I looove detective shows like Monk, Psych and The Mentalist; I would never want to be a detective or a police officer.

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Norma Norma

This was true up until my teachers stopped asking that question.

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8jtt9 8jtt9

Nope, what I want to be has to do with what I'm skilled at.

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Deadpool Deadpool

It still is. :(

Too bad I suck at it.

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BlackStar BlackStar

Yes, but not *just* because of seeing it on TV; I've read a lot of non-fiction books etc about it too.

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Starlight_dragon Starlight_dragon

My favourite movie is 300.

Therefore I shall be a Spartan warrior >:C

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LyssaBlau LyssaBlau

When I was younger I wanted to have one of those tree houses like in the Magic Tree House series... then I wanted to be a wizard and go to Hogwarts... and finally, I want to be a Special Agent :) Preferably in the hostage rescue team...
Yeah, I still do that.

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runningoutofspace runningoutofspace

In response to “When I was younger I wanted to have one of...

I got myself convinced that I could be a part of the BAU for a couple of years because I watched Criminal Minds so much. Who needs a psych degree when you've seen 6 seasons of the team profiling serial killers, amirite? Never mind the fact that all of them were probably also the best cops in their state by far, and there are only like 6 people in the entire country that have that job.

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kodabear911 kodabear911 OP

In response to “I got myself convinced that I could be a part...

Criminal Minds is actually what got me into it, but I actually looked and am serious about a job in the FBI. Besides, the degrees I would need I also need for my back up job of psychology. And psh more than 6, more like a dozen... And the only problem I have with the show is they always catch the criminal. But Reid and Garcia make up for the slight amount of far-fetched-ness x3

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runningoutofspace runningoutofspace

In response to “Criminal Minds is actually what got me into...

I hope everything works out for you, you're going to be living my dream life! I've often thought I would enjoy working in the FBI and doing something related to that but I don't think I'd be using my natural abilities well. If I could do it for like a year or 2... That would be perfect. That's seriously super cool and I really hope you achieve your dreams!

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kodabear911 kodabear911 OP

In response to “I hope everything works out for you, you're...

Thank you so much for the support!

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runningoutofspace runningoutofspace

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