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I do not understand white crayons, why are they here, what do they want from us, amirite?

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It's so when your teacher bitches at you for not coloring something you can say "I COLORED IT WHITE!!!"

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It's so when your teacher bitches at you for not coloring something you can say "I COLORED IT WHITE!!!"

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You can color black paper with it. Or use it as an outline, so you can assure yourself that you stay inside the lines - it's like lip liner, but for paper.

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You can use them underneath coloured markers too! If you draw a sweet design and colour on top- they look pretty cool

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In response to “secret message :)

MUHAHAHAHA!!! ... heehee

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They're the superior crayons. They are just there to rule over the rest of crayons.

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LonelyTylenoL LonelyTylenoL

In response to “They're the superior crayons. They are just...

Racist sonofabitch! White crayons are superior, are they?

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

In response to “Racist sonofabitch! White crayons are...

Well yeah. Why wouldn't they be?

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LonelyTylenoL LonelyTylenoL

They are so you can write secret messages on white paper, put them in your friends locker, and then they color over it with marker to read the message.

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just_lindsey just_lindsey

In response to “They are so you can write secret messages on...

I was going to say that! My friends and I do that all the time ;P

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For blending other colors, if you want to get complicated and artsy like that.

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agent_eclaire agent_eclaire

White crayons are the crayons for ninjas, because you don't see anything, duh!

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In response to “White crayons are the crayons for ninjas...

Duh! because everybody knows ninjas only use white crayons and markers!

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they're for coloring on easter eggs before you dye them, so they come out with cool designs ;]

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In response to “they're for coloring on easter eggs before...

Darn, you took my comment. :)

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Tatooli_Bug Tatooli_Bug

repeat... But i lol'd at the "what do they want from us"

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i'm only favoriting this cause i want to remember all the cool ways ppl use white crayons

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sabachthani sabachthani

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